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Dan Goldie Financial Services LLC, an independent financial advisory and financial planning firm in Menlo Park, California, announced today that its newly published book, The Investment Answer, is now available through in both paperback and Kindle versions.

Online PR News – 18-August-2010 – – Dan Goldie Financial Services LLC announced today that its newly published book, The Investment Answer, is now available through in both paperback and Kindle versions. Interested readers can learn more about the book by visiting the book’s website:, where they can download a free PDF version of the book.

“I am very excited about the book,” said co-author Dan Goldie, President of Dan Goldie Financial Services. “We wrote it to be understandable to the average reader, and short enough to be read in one sitting. I believe the message of the book is so essential that it should be understood by all investors.”

From the book’s back cover:

“Gordon Murray and Dan Goldie have written a book that every American should read. Its clarity de-mystifies the investment process and its insights can make anyone who reads it a better investor.”
– Bill Bradley, former United States Senator

“An excellent primer for the investor who is not a finance specialist.”
– Eugene F. Fama, Robert R. McCormick Distinguished Service Professor of Finance, Chicago Booth School of Business, widely recognized as the “father of modern finance”

“I’m glad to see Gordon and Dan collect these insights into a handy,easy-to-use primer so Gordon can stop explaining these principles at Sunday brunch and family birthdays. Full disclosure: Gordon’s my brother-in-law. That said, I found this slim volume incredibly helpful in explaining how to think about investing. It’s reassuring to know there are some simple principles anyone can keep in mind to make decent decisions and banish the vague anxiety most of us have about where we’ve put our money.”
– Ira Glass, Edward R. Murrow Award winner, Host of NPR’s This American Life

“Gordon Murray and Dan Goldie share secrets that Wall Street would rather you not know. You can implement a few simple strategies at a very low cost that will outperform most of the stock picking and complicated advice hawked by high-priced brokers. Read this book and prosper.”
– Joseph A. Grundfest, former SEC Commissioner, cofounder of Financial Engines, and Professor of Law and Business at Stanford Law School

“Goldie and Murray have distilled the essence of the matter, and explain in clear English, the advantages of using a fee-only financial advisor, how to select such, and how to work with one in the short and long run. This is sound advice, which you will rarely if ever get from a daily financial newscast.”
– Harry M. Markowitz, PH.D., Nobel Laureate in Economics, 1990, Father of Modern Portfolio Theory

“Wow! Goldie and Murray have just hit a home run. If I could give only one book on investing to my friends and family, this one would be it.”
– Bob Waterman, co-author, In Search of Excellence, former director of McKinsey & Company

About Dan Goldie Financial Services

Dan Goldie Financial Services LLC is Registered Investment Advisor located in Menlo Park, California. The firm manages diversified investment portfolios and financial advisor for individuals and families, helping them manage their wealth and make smart financial decisions.

Dan Goldie is President of Dan Goldie Financial Services and has been an independent financial advisor and financial planner since 1991. Mr. Goldie is a former professional tennis player and co-author of The Prudent Investor's Guide to Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game and The Investment Answer. He has an A.B. degree in economics from Stanford University and an M.B.A. degree from the Walter A. Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley. He has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant.

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