Evolution chair: The pilates/back chair that encourages good posture and prevents back problems

A new type of chair incorporating an ultra-tough Pilates ball is proven to relieve back pain, improve posture and strengthen core muscles.

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – A new type of chair incorporating an ultra-tough Pilates ball is proven to relieve back pain, improve posture and strengthen core muscles.

Evolution chair: The pilates chair / back chair that encourages good posture, works your core muscles and both relieves and prevents back problems.

The human body is not designed for chairs and sitting for long periods of time increase the risk of developing back pain and posture problems because your spine is designed to be moving all the time.

The Evolution Chair takes pressure off your spine, helps you develop correct posture and improve your balance and is suitable for anyone who spends long periods of time sitting down. And it works your core muscles.

Why ergonomic chairs are NOT actually ergonomic

Even ergonomic office chairs are typically bad for your back because most people start slouching after 30 minutes of sitting in one.

The Evolution Chair is essentially a height-adjustable, high quality, burst-resistant pilates ball, which is contained within a moving base. Height inserts are also included with The Evolution Chair so that the best ergonomic position can be achieved. As well as this The Evolution Chair also includes two different base options. It is possible to choose between both moving wheels and stable stubby legs as the base for your Evolution Chair.

When you sit in an Evolution Chair as you adjust your body to the bounce, tilt and sway of the ball you strengthen your postural muscles which are key in maintaining better posture. The Evolution Chair enables 'active sitting' where your core muscles are always being worked.

But it takes time to adjust to the feel of The Evolution Chair.

Experts recommend you build up your use of The Evolution Chair by starting with 30 minutes a day for the first day and then increasing this by 30 minutes a day after that. By using this suggested regime in 3-4 weeks your body should be completely fit.

The Evolution chair can hold up to 136kg (22 stone) and because the ball is anti burst, if accidentally punctured the ball will deflate slowly rather than burst immediately.

In tests in schools Evolution Chairs are proven to increase knowledge retention in pupils because the active sitting keeps them more alert.

The Evolution chair is available exclusively from http://www.jdharris.co.uk in the UK and retails for £99.95.


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