Latvian Property Market without Secrets

Interest to Latvian Property Grows in Case of Schengen Visa Reception

First independent analytical service has started to work on Latvian real estate market. The given service allows receiving detailed market review about property prices and rentals of supply in Riga, Jurmala and other cities of Latvia.

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – This summer Latvian government accepted new changes in Immigration Law. Now, anyone who buys property in Latvia has right on living in this country and additionally gets Schengen Visa. Traveling on a Schengen Visa means that the visa holder can travel to any of 15 European member countries. That`s why interest to Latvian property prices increase in times. is a Latvian property prices monitoring on 140 pages which based on 1400 indicators included analysis of 14000 listings. This service is created for the objective and independent analysis of property supply prices in Latvia and Riga. Research authors are not connected with real estate companies, banks or other interested structures, and also do not participate in any organization lobbying such companies interests. That`s why given data is high reliable. real estate report is based on more than 10 000 listings analysis from the largest real estate portals. The data is sorted manually by apartments, offices and shops. All duplicates, the erroneous and inadequately overestimated or underestimated values deleted. As a result more than 50 % of the real estate prices marked as incorrect and eliminated. The remained data has high reliability index and arrives in statistical procedure.
The analysis of such considerable quantity of the data is a complicated process. For given activity is carried out by the professionals having a long-term experience in real estate researches and well knows property market in Latvia. Their portfolio includes a large number of researches for the most considerable clients in branch. market guide offer anyone to receive representation about the thousands supply on the Latvian real estate market in some minutes. Information about apartments, offices, shops prices and rents is presented in this research in such a manner that even nonspecialist can easily understand it. market overview, first of all, should provide guidance on the true property prices in Latvia to people who wants buy or sell for an adequate market price. Processing the data, experts often notice unreasonable apartments prices distortion for 10 – 25 %. In terms of investing it means large value risk. Because of this, offer very useful tool for investors and buy-to-let players.