Structured Settlement Company Provides Valuable Service to Local Economy

Jorge Cortes, of, helps people every day by providing a free service to the customers in matching their needs with partner companies who are held to the highest standards.

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – Times are tough. For millions of Americans, money is tight and financial futures are unknown. For the unfortunate number of Americans who also have to experience the burden of a lawsuit because of a personal injury, finances may be spread beyond thin.

Being awarded a structured settlement is not often enough to relieve the pressure caused by the person’s current debt. If monthly outgoing debt payments are larger than the incoming structured settlement payments, the “winner” of the settlement is usually left to fend for themselves. This type of scenario plays out all the time, and in many cases, the settlement “winner” is left injured and/or recovering from the injuries that were the original reason for the lawsuit.

Structured settlements companies allow individuals to cash in their structured settlements for one lump sum. This can be especially helpful if living on a fixed income. The only problem with approaching a structured settlement company is that there can be so many to choose from.

Jorge Cortes, of, helps people every day by providing a free service to the customers in matching their needs with partner companies who are held to the highest standards. Whether they have future settlement payments, workman's comp payments, an interest in debt consolidation, lottery winnings, pension payments or have a pending lawsuit and need an advance of money to take care of urgent financial needs.

“By using my service”, Cortes explains, “structured settlement winners can find the right company for their needs. Settlement Marketplace was created for you, our customer, we are here to take away the hassle of negotiating back and forth with different companies.

We are happy to provide you with partner companies who truly care and offer you the best solution or cash option with your best interest in mind. Cortes feels that his work offers real service to the community:

“We help people exchange their future settlement payments for a lump-sum of money, which helps them improved their quality of life and eventually trickles down to the various areas of the person’s community. Every time money is spent in a person’s community, they take a small part in making their community better.

The role that Jorge Cortes plays in his community may be small, but as so many great minds have reminded us through the years, every small effort leads to bigger rewards. Cortes is so dedicated to helping others that he has personally pledged to donate 15% of all profits from to an orphanage in his home country of Colombia. In fact, it is his dedication to those who are less fortunate that motivates him to succeed in his own business.

“I offer a quality service to my customers. Each time I’m able to help a person raise the money they need to pay off their bills or repair their car, I’m able to impact so many people for the better. Whether I’m sending much needed money back into struggling local economies or donating to my favorite charity in Colombia, the work that I do helps people. I consider myself very fortunate to be in a position to help others, and I intend to help as many as I can while I’m in business.”

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