Hosted Predictive Dialer Becomes A Necessity To Increase Gains In Telemarketing

The competition in the business world is fierce than ever before and it is a real challenge to frame a successful marketing campaign without the aid of some of today’s cutting edge systems and tools. The hosted predictive dialer is the most important of them all.

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – Las Vegas, NV - Telemarketing can never be avoided in any of the marketing campaigns of the modern world. Though some of the novice marketers out there believe that telemarketing has lost its charm, experts know the real fact that without telemarketing, the competition of the modern day can’t be tackled. According to the marketing experts, the telemarketing strategy has changed a lot over the years and only those who still stick to the traditional strategies consider telemarketing dead. According to Raymond Bartreau, and expert predictive dialer solution provider, the effects of a telemarketing strategy can be greatly enhanced with the help of a hosted predictive dialer. He didn’t forget to mention that many of the marketers and businessmen out there are not aware of what a hosted predictive dialer is.

Explaining a hosted predictive dialer, Raymond said, “As the name indicates, a predictive dialer is used to dial telephone numbers in batches when the telemarketing executive is idle or waiting for a call. The specialty of the predictive dialer is that it effectively predicts the availability of the executive and thereby optimizing the work flow by minimizing the idle time. Hosted Predictive Dialer is one type of such a system which comes with a bunch of advantages. With a hosted solution, the marketing campaign can avoid the costs involved in buying expensive hardware or telephone lines. The hosted predictive dialers are great boons for budget campaigns”.

The explanation about the predictive dialers is itself sufficient to let the world know how important they are when it comes to telemarketing campaigns. This is what Raymond had to say about the use of predictive dialers – “The predictive dialers will increase the talk-time of the executives in the campaign and talk-time is nothing but conversion. With more than 200% increase in conversion, would you say no to such as system?”

No, we wouldn’t. Definitely not with the availability of affordable systems such as hosted predictive dialer.

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