Style Powerhouse Revolutionizes The World Of Fashion Industry Networking

Online New York fashion resource Style Powerhouse is effortlessly connecting models, designers, wholesale buyers, distributors and merchandisers through a virtual showroom, creating fashion industry networking never before thought possible.

Online PR News – 24-March-2009 – – NEW YORK CITY, NY -- New fashion industry online resource Style Powerhouse (, recently announced that its connectivity to models, designers, wholesale buyers, distributors and merchandisers is revolutionizing New York fashion networking. A valuable tool for all fashion industry professionals, and even those who simply have a personal interest in fashion, Style Powerhouse's growing web-based network connects members of the fashion community with one another 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Initially developed with fashion designers in mind, Style Powerhouse provides a welcome networking option in an industry well known for being very difficult to enter. Tradeshows and showrooms were once the best way for designers to showcase their work and make connections. However, these can be expensive endeavors for those starting from the ground up. Now Style Powerhouse gives them an opportunity to network in an affordable, accessible, and limitless way.

The main feature of Style Powerhouse -- the virtual showroom -- is essentially an online marketplace for designers to make connections and develop professional relationships within the industry. Their portfolios can be available to wholesale and retail buyers and distributors around world, around the clock. Designers can be on display, make important connections, and obtain new clients even in their sleep.

"In the fashion industry, communication and networking are the key to a successful business. Put simply, Style Powerhouse is a resource of information and opportunities," says Rida Kahn, longtime fashion industry insider and founder of Style Powerhouse. (

Wholesale buyers, distributors, and merchandisers also benefit from Style Powerhouse's optimal features. Rather than getting buried in a pile of business cards and catalogues, and browsing an infinite number of websites, they can contact designers at the click of a mouse through a secure inbox messaging system. Additionally, they can even browse designers' collections without the hassle of waiting to receive material directly from potential sellers.

Fashion models are also integrated into Style Powerhouse, making it easy for designers to find the perfect subjects for fashion shows and photo shoots. Style Powerhouse allows models to easily post their profiles online, making them readily available to be booked directly and expediently from potential clients. With the use of Style Powerhouse, the days of the modeling agency as a middleman may quickly become a distant memory.

In addition to connecting fashion professionals, Style Powerhouse is a formidable resource for research as well. Students and media can access the site to stay in the loop on industry happenings. Classified ads can be browsed by region and topic for those making their grand entrance into the fashion world, or by experienced professionals looking for advancement. Additionally, businesses such as advertising agencies or accountants with an interest in the fashion industry can gain access to a market otherwise unfamiliar to them.

With Style Powerhouse, users have complete control of their profiles. Designers can upload photos from their lookbooks, unlimited videos of fashion shows, and even maintain their own privacy settings so that if they choose, their material can be visible only to those with granted access. Soon, Style Powerhouse will enable live video chats, which will make communication more personal -- a principle that is so valuable in an industry in which face time can make all the difference.

Personal profiles are available on Style Powerhouse as well, taking social networking to a level on which fashion is the central focus. Additional website features are being developed and growing as membership expands. The site will soon receive news feeds from big fashion media publications and will filter through the best and newest fashion industry headlines.

Additionally, an online shopping feature is being developed so that designers and wholesale buyers can carry out their transactions via the site. A secure payment portal -- similar to PayPal but designed for the global wholesale market -- will be available, minimizing fraud and ensuring safe and simple exchanges.

"Style Powerhouse is the culmination of network, marketplace, and news. It is a one-stop shop for the global fashion industry -- a business that never sleeps. And Style Powerhouse will be its gatekeeper," says Kahn.

About Style Powerhouse: A premier online networking resource for New York fashion professionals, Style Powerhouse ( connects fashion designers, models, wholesale buyers, distributors and merchandisers with just a click of a mouse, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In addition to revolutionizing fashion industry networking, Style Powerhouse also serves as a powerful research tool for students and media seeking information and current industry news.