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thermo Heating Elements LLC has been manufacturing high quality flexible heating elements for over 30 years.

Online PR News – 19-August-2010 – – With manufacturing facilities in both the United States and Germany, we have designed, developed and produced flexible heaters for many of the world’s leading technology companies. Many of our flexible heating element technologies were developed to address a specific application challenge brought to us by our customers. At thermo Heating Elements, LLC, our mission is to manufacture flexible heating elements of the highest quality, deliver them on time, and provide an unparalleled level of customer service. View us not as a flexible heater vendor, but rather as your engineering partner.

thermo Heating Elements, LLC has developed a wide variety of flexible heater technologies so that we can offer the appropriate solution to most any situation. Flexible heaters come in all shapes, sizes and watt-densities. Flexible heating elements are ideal for applications which require a heater with complex geometry, low thermal mass, lightweight construction, and minimal thickness. Polymer Thick Film heaters offer a very cost-effective method for producing flexible heaters with low to moderate temperature requirements. Silicone heaters are robust, chemical and moisture resistant flexible heaters ideal for low to mid-volume production. Silicone heaters are highly suited to accommodate sensors and thermostats. Kapton® heaters are thin, lightweight heating elements known for low outgassing, chemical and radiation resistance, and high temperature capabilities. thermo’s Kapton® heaters, silicone heaters, and Polymer Thick Film heaters can be UL recognized.

Since its inception in 1978 in Ingolstadt, Germany, thermo has been recognized by leading manufacturers as a world-wide leader in flexible heater technology. Over the last 30 years, thermo has become one of the world’s leading pioneers in polymer thick film research and has specialized in flexible heater development. With facilities in the United States and Germany, thermo’s access to technical resources, including the world’s leading technical universities, researchers, and product specialists, is unparalleled. Each year, thermo is granted numerous patents on the many ideas spawned and developed as a result of its ongoing flexible heater development. As a result, no company in the industry has enjoyed more growth and technical prosperity - and no company is more dedicated to providing the most advanced, cost effective and customer focused flexible heater solutions.


An ISO 9001 and Q9001-2000 Registered Company

In order to produce the highest quality flexible heaters in the industry, thermo invests vast amounts of resources in the continual improvement of its Quality System, as well as in the continual pursuit of innovative ideas through extensive research and development.