6WSEO, Chad Lieberman Teaches Using Traffic Statistics for Keyword Ideas and Architecture

Guru Marketing Expert, Chad Ian Lieberman Educates You on Getting the Right Traffic to Your Company Website.

Online PR News – 26-January-2015 – New York, New York – The Search Engine Optimization giant company, 6WSEO, today released another of its now popular trainings. This new training on how to use traffic statistics to discover new keyword ideas, has taken the company’s training a notch higher from its main area which is SEO, to keyword research and traffic driving to a website.

Releasing this training, the lead SEO expert at 6WSEO, Chad Lieberman, explained that this new post was ideal for people who were struggling with keyword research for their websites to try to increase traffic. It teaches them how to use already existing traffic, however little, to discover keywords that they can focus on to drive even more traffic.

“Most website owners do not even look at the phrases that result in to their current traffic figures. They only concentrate on the number of people who visited their website in a given day but overlook the source of this traffic as well as the terms the people who visited their website used before landing on the different pages of the website. Understanding how to use such information, which is freely available within your website hosting traffic stats section, is crucial to your website’s success”, Chad advised.

Search phrases and terms used by people when they are searching for products and services online (technically referred to as keywords) are very important to identify and can help a website owner to create online marketing campaigns and SEO strategies that are instantly successful. All the website owner needs to do is to target these terms to bring people to their website. This training is therefore bound to be a very good eye opener for many website owners.

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