Quick Tips On Checking Whether Digital Food Thermometer Is Accurate

Kiserena Shares Simple Tips On How to Check If a Digital Food Thermometer Is Accurate

Online PR News – 26-January-2015 – House Springs/MO – Whether using it to know when a roast is finished or to ensure the frying oil heats to the appropriate temperature, a digital thermometer takes the guesswork out for cooks. A food thermometer is just as good as its accuracy. The primary factor is calibration. For quick tips on digital thermometers, Kiserena LLC shares the following tips on how to check whether a digital food thermometer is accurate.

Calibrate a digital thermometer every 6 months or so (depending on usage frequency) to ensure the thermometer works perfect, using either the boiling water or ice water approach.

To test the thermometer using boiling water, put its probe into a pan of boiling water. Allow it to sit for a few seconds and then check out the display. It should register roughly 212 degrees. Keep in mind that water's boiling point drops as elevation soars (about two degrees for every one thousand feet).

To test using the ice water approach, place the thermometer probe in a glass or bowl of ice water. Allow it to sit for a few seconds and then read the display. It should register around 32 degrees.

Another useful trick when using a digital food thermometer is not to switch on the thermometer until it is inserted in the meat. This way, the thermometer will pick up the temperature of the food immediately and crawl up fast. Otherwise, the thermometer will start with the room temperature and it will take a longer period to reach the final reading of food temperature.

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