Tasty Vapor Starts Its New Affiliate Program

Tasty Vapor, a company recognized for its brand of unique, exquisite and sought after e-liquids, is starting its first ever Affiliate Program.

Online PR News – 22-January-2015 – Oakland, CA – The Affiliate Program will pay a 13% commission, on each sale, to people who refer Tasty Vapor's products to consumers.

Whoever signs on as an affiliate will receive a special link to Tasty Vapor's site, which in turn could be later shared on their website, blog, Facebook profile, or Twitter. The affiliate earns money for every customer who signs on through this link.

Affiliates are provided with all the marketing materials to promote the program. Affiliates are also given access to a special dashboard to help keep track of everyone sent to Tasty Vapor's site, which makes it possible to see all clicks, sales, and the amount of money earned from promoting Tasty Vapor's product.

All the affiliates will be paid their due referral fees on a monthly basis. Approximately 20 days after the end of each month, a paycheck will be sent , a TastyVapor.us Store Credit will be given, or the affiliate will be paid via ACH (must have BofA), depending on the preferences of the affiliate.

Advertising Tasty Vapor could be done on the affiliate's blog, website, Facebook, Twitter or simply via a sent email with a link. All the banners and links will be provided by Tasty Vapor. All affiliates will also receive click reports, sales reports, traffic comparison reports, orders per click reports, and many more reports, which will help them, make the right decisions.

Becoming a member of Tasty Vapor's Affiliate Program is easy - just follow this link.

About Tasty Vapor

Tasty Vapor is a company built on the principles of integrity, goodwill, transparency and honesty. The tremendous success of the company is due to a lot of dedication, the hard work of the employees and the loyalty of the customers who share the common value of desire to improve their lives by switching to PVs.

The company is a completely family owned business, owned by husband and wife Geoff and Ramilya Braithwaite. Tasty Vapor's mission is to bring satisfaction to all vapers who consider themselves vapor connoisseurs, by providing the most consistent, premium quality E-Liquids available on the market today.

Inspired by pastry chefs, designed by chemists and created with the love of all that is delicious; Tasty Vapor's sole purpose is to provide the best vaping experience for people who are ready to change their lives.