Webprogr.com released a new Android Mobile Phone game-Snakes & Ladders-suitable for all age groups.

This is a game that aims at explaining all the facets of life to the players

Online PR News – 23-January-2015 – Chennai, India – January 22, 2015Webprogr.com released a new Android mobile phone board game, that can be played by one and all, today.

Everybody is interested to know the secret of existence. This game in a simple way explains that. Kids can improve their memory power and ability to calculate by playing this game repeatedly.

This game is a training ground for knowing the things one can expect in life i.e. ups and downs and to take them as it is to succeed in life.

This is a board game in which a player plays against a computer created character ‘Android.’ A tap will start rotating the dice and gives a number, and player’s positional indicator will start to move. ‘Android’ will also do the same next automatically. One can climb ladders when reached, and then also slip right down the mouth of the snake.

The game is readily available at Google Play store and other Android App Stores Mobango, Aptoid, SocIo etc.

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Download from Opera Mobile Store and from Google play store immediately.
For further details, contact Webprogr.com at mktg.@webprogr.com