Female Private Investigator's Agency Growing Rapidly in a Male-Dominated Industry

Kudaka and Associates' subtle, yet direct approach uncovers key evidence that provides attorneys with a competitive advantage in court.

Online PR News – 21-January-2015 – Orange County, CA – Unlike the hardboiled "private eyes" from mystery novels or film noir, Kudaka and Associates' female investigators take a softer, non-threatening approach, yet are consistently producing hard results for their attorney clients.

The firm specializes in surveillance and criminal defense cases including sexual assault and domestic violence. By nature, these types of criminal cases are extremely sensitive because the majority of victims and also witnesses are women. Often, these victims or witnesses are more comfortable discussing the case with another woman.

This may be why PI Magazine estimates that the number of female private investigators is on the rise. Currently, more than 15% of the approximate 60,000 private investigators in the US are women. A female undercover investigator conducting surveillance on an infidelity case for example, is able to "blend in" more discreetly to get key photographic or video evidence of a cheating spouse.

The first female private detective, Kate Warne was hired by the Pinkerton Detective Agency and played a key role in foiling the assassination attempt of President-elect Abraham Lincoln in 1861. The term "private eye" actually comes from the distinctive eye in the Pinkerton logo with the tagline, “We never sleep” as Pinkerton’s competitive advantage.

In criminal defense investigations, Kudaka and Associates delivers a modern competitive advantage to attorneys in the form of a unique “Discovery and Trial Book,” which organizes key facts, witness backgrounds, weaknesses and tendencies that can significantly impact the outcome of a case. "Ms. Kudaka’s detailed work on the ‘Discovery Book’ is amazing," criminal defense attorney Ray Dinari explained. "Thanks to her hard work, we managed to prove our client was innocent of all the charges. I would attribute 80% of the success to her work."

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In the midst of a challenging case, an attorney may wonder, "I know the answer is out there, but how do I find it?" Kudaka and Associates focuses on answering such tough questions by delivering timely evidence and testimony that holds up in court. Criminal defense attorney William Grant Bettencourt related a recent experience, "Thanks to Kudaka and Associates’ thorough investigation and hard work, I was able to achieve a successful result for my client."

Infidelity and Insurance fraud investigations typically require locating hard-to-find individuals who are actively attempting to avoid detection. In a recent civil litigation case, attorney Rick D. Williams asked Kudaka and Associates to locate a disbarred attorney which the former investigator had been unable to locate in over a year’s time. According to attorney Williams, “Ms. Kudaka located this person within 2 days.”

John M. Kremer, an Orange County criminal and civil litigation attorney noted, “Kudaka and Associates quickly earned an excellent reputation in Southern California as a private investigations firm in obtaining crucial witness testimony and unearthing material evidence that proved instrumental in achieving positive outcomes for her attorney clients.”

Ms. Kudaka was recently elected by her peers as Orange District Governor of CALI, the California Association of Licensed Investigators, the largest and the most prestigious private investigator association in the world, with over 1,500 members worldwide.

Kudaka and Associates professional associations also include PICA (Professional Investigators of California), DIA (California Defense Investigators Association), and NDIA (National Defender Investigator Association).

Kudaka and Associates is a sponsor and member of both NOCBA, the North Orange County Bar Association and NHBA, the Newport Harbor Bar Association. Ms. Kudaka is also an active member of SOCBA (South Orange County Bar Association), WOCBA (West Orange County Bar Association), and OCWLA (Orange County Women Lawyers Association).

Ms. Kudaka graduated with honors from the University of Southern California with a BA in Political Science, and a Minor in East Asian Studies.

Kudaka and Associates is a woman-owned, full-service, licensed and insured private investigation firm that serves Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino. Their new website describes their mission as, "Providing personalized and professional investigative services to all of our clients beyond their expectations."

Kudaka and Associates offers a free initial consultation.

Kudaka and Associates is a licensed Private Investigations Agency in California, CA PI License #28058.

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