MUFN Books Announces Breakthrough Diet Pasta Recipes in New Release, "It Only Tastes Like Cheating"

Lasagna, fettuccine and macaroni are making a comeback for dieters watching their carbs, says cookbook author Em Elless.

Online PR News – 22-January-2015 – Knoxville, Tennessee – Elless is announcing a breakthrough pasta recipe that is 95% lower in net carbs than standard commercial products. “A cup of cooked pasta made from a box has 40 net carbs in just 1 cup,” Elless says. “The same portion of one of my recipes has 2 net carbs.”

What are “net” carbs? Elless explains, “If the human body was a city, it wouldn’t count the cars passing through on the interstate as visitors because they don’t stop and visit. Much of the fiber in foods is not digested; it isn’t converted into energy, doesn’t raise blood sugar levels or trigger an insulin response. Insulin is the fat-producing hormone.”

Her recipes are also gluten-free, another breakthrough she achieved in previous diet cookbooks after going through “tons” of ingredients and months of experiments. “For years the term ‘low-carb gluten-free’ was considered an oxymoron. The two could not be combined in recipes requiring flour because most gluten-free ingredients are very high in starch and carbs. But there are flours available today made from ground nuts, seeds and beans. Favorite foods that have been taboo—breads, pastries, and now pasta—can be converted into a daily menu choice. This is especially good news for diabetics who must closely monitor their carbohydrates. The bad news is, they’re more expensive. The good news is, they are a much healthier alternative.”

Elless’s newest cookbook, “It Only Tastes Like Cheating,” featuring her diet pasta discoveries is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers. Fettuccine is back on the table.