Always be Job Ready - Rekruitin Now Offers Job Alerts on Your WhatsApp

Rekruitin is one of the top recruitment website in India providing best Career and employment services in India.

Online PR News – 22-January-2015 – Mumbai/Maharashtra – Job alerts on the go is the new trend in today’s job portal marketplace. In today’s times as most of the web traffic that comes from India, is from mobile devices. So it is a challenge for the online job portals to provide the same functionality on mobile devices, as they provide for the desktop environment. However, Rekruitin, braving all these challenges, has recently launched WhatsApp alerts that bring job offers right to your phone.

Jobs on the go is the new way to provide the job viewing listings over a variety of internet devices like mobile and tablets. With this functionality, Rekruitin hopes to reach a larger number of devices and therefore a larger population; helping them remain updated with the current job requirements.

When asked about this new service, Rekruitin’s spokesperson claimed that this new functionality is aimed at helping people by providing latest job notifications on their mobile devices. “It helps the people a lot, especially when they are searching for requirements of the current industry, enabling them to remain updated with current industry benchmarks and job trends,” she further added.

By providing job alerts on instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Rekruitin can provide them with a versatile job viewing experience and remain updated all the time as instant messaging applications update themselves every second. This would also help Rekruitin, which is poised to become one of the top job sites in India, to reach a wider range of people and encourage them to register on their portal.

According the current trends of the IT industry, the top job sites in India are improving their job viewing experience and are working on providing a variety of platforms and devices to maintain interactions with users through specific applications. This would be the next big leap for future. The recruiters can provide a variety of career services in India and lay more emphasis on them, so that the overall productivity of employees can be improved. The future seems to be very beneficial for both senior level employees and freshers and now both can go through job portals on the go, to get desired perks.

With the rise in the use of smartphones, most browsing activities have moved to mobile devices, and bringing job portals to mobile devices helps in increasing user reach to all the jobs that they are eligible for. This will also help job seekers make intelligent and timely career switches, and get better perks than they are already getting. Handling and maintaining a mobile framework application is similar to maintaining a desktop website. Thus, a website can be successfully implemented on mobile platforms to increase productivity.