Howell Services Announces 50% Off of Winter Inspection Rates in Katy, TX

Howell Services ensures that customers in Katy & Sugar Land are able to get regular inspection on their heating systems for proper maintenance.

Online PR News – 22-January-2015 – Rosenberg – Howell Service is proud to inform customers within the wider Katy and Sugar Land region of the half price offer on winter inspections for the heating systems. This is in appreciation of the good rapport that customers have shared with the company over the years, and as a part of the community it is only fitting to roll out this offer to the esteemed customers to help them in as far as proper air conditioning repair Katy, TX is concerned.

Howell Services’ founder Ron Howell points out the importance of taking the best care of such heating appliances.

“During the hot season when we hardly use the heating appliances, these devices accumulate a lot of dust and it is for this reason that proper maintenance and repair needs to be carried out on them,” Howell explains. “It is for this reason that you need the expert HVAC contractor Katy, TX.

There are so many homes and businesses that make use of heating appliances in Katy & Sugar Land today. A good number of these appliances are run on electricity, while others are run on solar power, but by the end of the day they all need to run on some form of energy system. One thing that is appreciable about such devices and appliances is the fact that they tend to cave in to the functions that they are subject to, and for that reason they need repairs done on them frequently.

For Howell Services’ air conditioner repair Katy, TX customers, the technicians do not just come in to repair heating appliances, but also take time to advise on how to take care of appliances. From the heating systems to the furnaces and the AC, customers can rest assured that the team of professionals sent out will be more than happy to assist, says Howell.

Howell Services was formed ten years ago by Ron and Melissa Howell, a couple who wanted to create a standard of the finest quality home repairs and a safety-checked team of top service professionals. Serving the greater Fort Bend area, Howell Services is reputed for straightforward pricing and it’s famed Diamond Club, a preventative maintenance plan for discerning home and business owners.

Howell Services is dedicated to enhancing the level of indoor comfort control for our Fort Bend residential and commercial HVAC customers with the latest in plumbing, drain cleaning, air conditioning, heating, insulation and indoor air quality technologies. For plumbers katy tx, call us at 281-232-5292 or visit us at!