Kentsbridge University Partners with its Health Sciences Graduates

Kentsbridge University’s (KBU) and its Health Sciences graduates have taken the decision to collaborate with international nutritional scientists.

Online PR News – 22-January-2015 – California – Kentsbridge University’s (KBU) and its Health Sciences graduates have taken the decision to collaborate with international nutritional scientists in order to initiate protective measures against malnutrition. KBU and its Health Sciences graduates are planning for international collaboration with nutritional scientists along with researchers, field workers, funders and policy makers to determine how the effect of malnutrition can be minimized or finished completely from all over the world.
Kentsbridge University is a renowned online university, established with the mission of educating individuals especially working adults, across the globe. The university offers online programs in distinct fields of study through which it is preparing top-notch leaders of tomorrow. KBU has appointed experienced and qualified professionals as faculty members, who are determined to assist students in achieving their educational goals. The university is also creating leaders in the field of Health Sciences and thus, they are found working at top positions in leading organizations and firms. They are well-aware of their responsibilities and hence, they are determined to benefit the society through their knowledge and skills.
Mr. John Micheal, Dean of Kentsbridge University, states: “I really appreciate our alumni, who have taken the decision to join us in calling for international collaboration regarding widespread malnutrition. We take pride in them and hereby support their efforts. I am thrilled to see their motivation at the highest level, which they are showing for the betterment of the entire society, suffering from some sort of malnutrition. Empowerment of individuals with quality education has proved its strength and positive outcomes.”
Fred Jones, Health Sciences graduate of Kentsbridge University, states: “We usually hear that countries have reserved budgets for improving the healthcare industry, ministers in their speech talk about special funds that will be spent on nutritional interventions, but still people in distinct parts of the world, are suffering from malnutrition. We have therefore, decided to identify factors that could aid in minimizing malnutrition, in collaboration with international decision makers, scientists, nutritionists and researchers.”
Kentsbridge University’s Health Sciences graduates have decided to identify the affect of environmental and societal trends on nutrition of vulnerable communities. KBU and its Health Sciences graduates want international researchers and institutions, working in the field of health and nutritional sciences to share their ideas for reducing malnutrition. Also, with international collaboration the university and its graduates are making efforts to identify how most favorable nutrition can be provided to old age people and pregnant women or to people with special needs. The university’ and its graduates of Health Sciences will implement nutrition programs in cost-effective manner. Hence, they insist on international collaboration on malnutrition.

The university therefore, plans to host a seminar with NGO leaders, researchers of both public and private industry to come up with solutions about global malnutrition.

About Kentsbridge University

Kentsbridge University is known for providing international standard of education online in distinct fields of study. The university has attained accreditation for following the globally set standards of education. KBU offers accredited online degrees to students. The university is established with the aim of empowering individuals of 21st with quality education, which can bring a positive change in their lives.