Kitopia Inc. To Release A New EBook On The Cheesecloth Bag

Kitopia Inc. to unveil a new free eBook to targeted at the Nut Milk Bag customers.

Online PR News – 21-January-2015 – Hartford/CT – Kitopia Inc. to unveil a new free eBook to targeted at the Nut Milk Bag customers.

Kitopia Inc. the global Kitchen appliances company is announcing the launch of a new eBook that will be dedicated to its Nut Milk Bag clientele. The new eBook will for a part of its numerous eBooks which include Raw to The Core, an eBook about people on raw diets. As the company has done in all its previous eBooks, this one will be a free gift to any person who purchases the products. Whenever you buy the product, the company will e-mail you a free copy of the eBook.

According to the company's CEO, Christine Cutter, the new eBook will be about helping the clients achieve their raw diet agenda.

"This eBook will be all about making the best of people who desire to live a better life. It will feature more than 20 recipes that one can make using the Nut Milk Bag. In addition, it will have important details on the appropriate way of using the mesh strainer. This is in response to the many concerns that a number of their clients have."

The eBook is expected to be released within the first quarter of the calendar year in 2015. At the moment, the company is on the drawing board of the direction that the eBook will take. In this, it is recruiting for people who will do intense research from all over the world on drinks that the almond bag can use. Therefore, the content is expected to have new drinks from nuts that many people have never heard about.

The news comes days after the company announced a new online strategy aimed at growing the user base through a redesign of its website and the social media tools. Also, the company was in the news when it announced a very positive outlook of its business. It also announced a new line up of products that are expected to be debuted in this quarter.

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