Prepare yourself for Venice Carnival Celebration!

Today, most of the carnivals celebrated around the world use natural plumes to make costumes, masks and headpieces,and the Carnival of Venice is one among them.

Online PR News – 21-January-2015 – Miami/Florida – Carnival season is up again with the start of the New Year, and the world-renowned Carnival of Venice is top in the list, starting from January 31, 2015. Get ready to celebrate this cultural festival with beautiful and attractive feather masks!

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Today, most of the carnivals celebrated around the world use natural plumes to make costumes, masks and headpieces, and the Carnival of Venice is one among them. The carnival, which is also prevalently known as Venetian Carnival, is worldwide recognized for its elaborated and beautiful masks. This annual festival of Venice begins before Ash Wednesday (approx. two weeks before), and finishes off with the celebration of Lent, before Easter on Shrove Tuesday. Every year, the festival is celebrated to give farewell to meat. The carnival was started way back in 11th century with the victory celebration of Serenissima Repubblica on the Patriarch of Aquileia. In 19th century, this victorious celebration became a festival of artistic creations. In today’s time, it is celebrated with dance, music and cultural events in colorful costumes and with elaborated masks.

Masks, being an important part of Venetian Carnival, make the carnival celebration more delightful, and it is also one of the reasons why mask-making is preferred by people and given special attention. Variety of things or materials is used to make these masks, and it includes leather, porcelain or the original glass technique. These masks are also known for their simple, decorative and distinguished design, symbolic meaning and practical utility. Some of the popular masks of the carnival are Bauta, Pantalone, Moretta / Servetta muta, Volto (Larva), Columbina, Zanni, etc. Apart from these usual materials, masks are also made with natural feathers and adorned with gems to make the carnival celebration more fascinating and appealing.

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