Kickstarter campaign for a relationship, family and life Q&A app. (W.R.A.S.K)

An app that's more than information, more than just pictures. WRASK provides the personal and quality advice we need from our online experience.

Online PR News – 20-January-2015 – New York City, NY – New York City, NY (Jan 18,2015) The best and most important form of education, advice, and support comes from the ability to share and receive our personal experiences. Sometimes all we need is the ability to Write Read And Submit Knowledge (W.R.A.S.K) to each other to get a handle on situations in our lives.

We may feel alone as if we are going through something that no one else has experienced before but it is always comforting to hear advice from someone who understands. W.R.A.S.K is a Q&A app that does just that. The W.R.A.S.K app connects people on a simple platform that provides the ability to ask and answer questions seamlessly. It also provides the options to ask your connects directly, anonymously or publicly.

The vision for this app came from the single creator who realized that sometimes a book doesn't provide the personal touch we need and Facebook doesn't provide the quality that is preferred. W.R.A.S.K provides both the personal touch and quality we need when confronting questions about family, life and relationships. The Kickstarter campaign is to complete the last specs on the design, backend, security, and troubleshooting before launch. All of the particulars of the Kickstarter campaign can be found @

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