Solar Lamp Post Light with High Light Output - 324 Lumens!

PurelySolar is pleased to announce the newest addition to their line of solar products, a solar lamp post with the light output of a traditional lamp post!

Online PR News – 20-January-2015 – monsey – PurelySolar is pleased to announce that it has now added an exciting new product to its extensive array of solar powered devices - the Premium Solar Post Light with a light output of 324 lumens!
Outdoor solar lamps have always had the many benefits of relying only on the power of the sun:
-There is no wiring involved, thereby allowing you to place them anywhere, without being restricted by the need to hook up to a power source. This allows you to place them at the most strategic locations of your property.
-They do not require any professional experience to install - by following the manufacturer's instructions, you can have them lighting your outdoor space in no time.
-They are environmentally friendly - using only clean, renewable energy.
However, there is one facet which some considered problematic. Despite the numerous reasons to choose solar, consumers were still bothered by the fact that some solar lamps on the market do not shine as brightly as traditional outdoor lamps.
With the Premium Solar Post Light, that problem is now gone!
This solar lamp uses a seven watt solar panel, which is higher than many other solar lamps. The result is a lamp which produces a light output of 324 lumens! That is on par with traditional outdoor lamps.
Now you can have a clean energy lamp installed wherever you choose - and it will shine just as brightly as you old bulb, which was tied, literally, to the grid, and which cost you money every moment it burned.
The world of solar energy, together with the products that harness it, is constantly evolving and improving.