French Editor Emeric Le Bars Gears Up for a Busy Year with Several Projects Set for Release

Editor Emeric Le Bars brings to life Roanna Wullinger’s feature film "Perception of Art," which will debut later this year.

Online PR News – 20-January-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – French editor Emeric Le Bars recently finished production on the feature film "Perception of Art," which will be released in March.

The film follows Raffaello Micheli, a spoiled and unsuccessful Italian painter and the son of an acclaimed painter whose work has received international recognition. Micheli’s only goal in life is to follow in his father’s footsteps, but after many failed attempts at reaching success it seems he may never reach his goal, that is until a coincidental encounter with a cleaning lady from Mexico puts them both on the front page of the newspaper and forces them to collaborate.

Directed by Roanna Wullinger, "Perception of Art" weaves together themes centered on cultural differences, success and how the collaboration process can take people to incredible heights as long as they are willing to set aside their conflicting worldviews. The film stars Kristian Van der Heyden who received National Film Challenge Award for his role in the film "Never Gonna Give You Up" and an award at the Tabor Film Festival for the film "Semalu," David Aranovich from "Lowlifes," "Get Smart," "The Mentalist," "iCarly,""Bones," and "Spartan," and Serena Lorien from "House of Manson," "Poe," "Lizard Boy," "Hollywood Apocolypse," "A Way With Murder," and others.

Perception of Art

Le Bars, who served as both the film’s editor and colorist, says, "It has been the best project of my life so far! The director is going to show the movie in some festivals in Los Angeles, and is also trying to air it on some online platforms like Netflix."

The talented young editor has been said to have a creative eye that makes him among the best in the field. The director of "Perception of Art," Roanna Wullinger says, "Emeric did an amazing job, he understood my vision right away, and was able to add his own creativity to the film… Without Emeric we would not be able to release the film this coming March. I couldn't imagine any other editor doing the work as well as he did and I can happily say that, as a director, I have found my editor. I am looking forward to working with him on many more projects."

Originally from Angers, France, Emeric Le Bars began his editing career over 10 years ago. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, California several years ago where he currently works as an editor for Smile TV, Le Bars split his time working as both a freelance editor and an editor and filmmaker for the City Hall of Angers. While working for the City Hall of Angers, Le Bars shot and edited numerous hours of breathtaking footage and was able to create captivating videos that exposed viewers to the beauty that inhabits the city. Le Bars explains, "They wanted to use them to promote the city! My work was broadcasted in different theaters in Angers (before the movies) and also in 27 countries on Euro Channel."

While in France Le Bars also lent his vast talents to the First Film Festival in Angers where he worked as an editor and director of photography, as well as did the voice-overs included in the projects he created for the festival. The festival represents 24 European countries, and has over 75,000 attendees annually.

"The festival was about 10 days long and I was in charge of the news of the festival, interviewing actors, directors, producers etc., and filming events, concerts and who took part in the festival. Everyday, we had a 20 minutes video on everything that happened in the festival. All the videos were broadcasted online, as well as everywhere in the city, on local TV channels," says Le Bars. "My work was important to the festival because it was a way to bring news about the festival to a lot of people who couldn’t afford to be there!"

Le Bars’ broad worldview, and his familiarity with many cultures and a variety of film styles have allowed him to take his skills as an editor beyond the world of French cinema. Le Bars’s work has aired on PBS SoCal including the series "LAart," which airs on PBS SoCal to millions of viewers three times each week. In each episode the documentary style series reveals a different area in which citizens across Los Angeles are creating and interacting with art in their daily lives. Le Bars has edited 2 LAaRT segments and nearly 15 interstitials for PBS SoCal.

Emeric Le Bars is also working as the editor of the upcoming feature film "Lilly’s Light," which is being produced by the co-owner of Smile TV, Sherry Hursey, and directed by Daniel Carrey. While the release date for the film has yet to be announced, Le Bars was able to give us a little insight into the film’s synopsis, which follows a loving foster mom named Lilly as she and her crew escort a newly orphaned boy on a magical journey motivated by love.