WhiteTeethWhiteningKits.co.uk Now Offers After Care Kits For Whitening Professionals

Online retailer specializing in teeth whitening supplies for trade and consumer customers, has introduced an After Care Kit offer for B2B clients.

Online PR News – 20-January-2015 – Hartlepool/ Cleveland – Teeth whitening is an $11 billion industry worldwide and is predicted to grow at impressive rates over the next decade. Studies indicate that 99.7 per cent of all adults believe that a person's smile has a direct impact upon their success in life, and surveys show that tooth discolouration is the number one concern that adults have about their teeth. These statistics indicate the wealth of opportunity in the teeth whitening industry for dentists, smile clinics and salons.

One of the biggest barriers to success for professional teeth whitening businesses is the nature of treatments themselves. Customers pay for a single treatment or a series of treatments and then do not require further services for long periods of time. This makes customer acquisition costs high and requires businesses to continually attract a steady stream of new customers.

White Teeth Whitening Kits After Care Kits are designed to help teeth whitening trade customers earn more from each customer and provide a continual revenue stream from clients. The kits are sold by whitening professionals for clients to use at home to maintain the results and can be used on an ongoing basis for months at a time. By selling the kits in their offices and clinics, whitening professionals can maximise the return of their investments in customer acquisition.

Sold in a box of 10 at a cost of £9.49 per kit, White Teeth Whitening Kits After Care Kit provide supplies for 10 home maintenance treatments. Each pillow box kit includes a sodium perborate teeth whitening gel syringe, a silicone mouth tray, a teeth whitening shade chart and full instructions. To ensure safety, only EU-approved teeth whitening gel is included in the kits and the trays are individually wrapped in foil.

The quality and effectiveness of the kits allows them to be sold for £20 per kit, for a profit of over £10. Shipping is free for UK addresses, and White Teeth Whitening Kits will also ship orders internationally.

To obtain more information about White Teeth Whitening Kits or the After Care Kits, please contact us.