LOGIN Tech Conference To Replace Online Ticket Brokers with Android App

This platform is free of charge and enables the owner to have control over all processes related to ticket purchasing.

Online PR News – 20-January-2015 – Vilnius, Lithuania – The largest progress conference in the Baltic States, LOGIN 2015, annually attracting more than 100 speakers and 4 000 attendees from Lithuania and beyond, has announced that it has chosen to use Paysera Tickets – the new electronic ticketing system - instead of the old school ticket purchasing systems. This platform is free of charge and enables the owner to have control over all processes related to ticket purchasing.

On May 7-8, 2015, LOGIN will again invite more than 100 speakers from all over the world, whose crazy thoughts and genius ideas have changed (or are still changing) the world. Some of the most prominent figures in the technology field like Martin Cooper, the inventor of the first cell phone; Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia; Dan Stromberg, President of Omnitel; Sebastian Vieregg, the Google Brands’ Manager; Avishai Abrahami, the founder of wix.com; Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, and many other speakers have already shared their visions of the near future at previous LOGIN events.

“The main reason pushing us to start using Paysera Tickets is the variety of features and possibilities that other systems lack. Online ticket brokers do not allow to learn more about LOGIN attendees, so that we could provide more value for them, as well as for the sponsors of the event”, says Ieva Dirvonskaitė, CEO at LOGIN.

Tickets to the conference have been sold through different brokers since the very first LOGIN in 2007, which in total make more than 15 000 tickets sold since then.

Paysera Tickets provides a wide range of features, which make this ticket system exceptional. “It is a very useful tool, which allows to gather some useful information about visitors to the conference, such as contact information, or information about the shoe size of each individual when sports events are organized. Event organizers are able to know their customers and use the collected information for sales purposes”, says Justas Noreika, Paysera Product manager.

In order to use Paysera Tickets, the free application has to be downloaded to a smart device with Android OS. Then, it takes only half a second to scan the QR code directly from the printed ticket or from the screen of the device. This feature is especially important when large events are organized and a great number of participants is expected. It solves the queue issue, and the Internet connection is not compulsory.

Paysera Tickets is a free application and can be downloaded from Google Play. The only fee applied when using the application is for the collection of fees. However, it still remains three times cheaper when compared with other existing ticket purchasing systems. The system can also be used as a registration tool when the entrance to the event is free.

J. Noreika states that most ticket purchasing systems include a ticket service fee, which is added to the advertisement fee of the event without checking, if the event organizer has even asked for it. “Thus, the following fees increase the price of the tickets. Paysera Tickets avoids brokers and merges with advertisement campaigns online. There is a possibility to offer discounts, create unique offers, and form pro-forma payments”.

The application is compatible with systems like Wordpress, and can be easily adapted to any other content management system.

LOGIN 2014 was recognized as the most rapid and progressive technology conference in Europe. It competed with events like Arctic15 (Helsinki, Finland), Slush 2014 (Helsinki, Finland), TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2014 (London, UK), DLD Tel Aviv 2014 (Tel Aviv, Israel), and Web summit 2014 (Dublin, Ireland).

The progress conference will take place on May 7-8 at the LITEXPO exhibition and conference centre in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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