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Online PR News – 20-January-2015 – Arizona – Ammunition is the heartbeat of every firearm, without ammo our guns are useless. Buying ammunition online makes it easy to stock pile and helps cut cost of buying said ammunition. This is made possible because we have a reduced overhead when it comes to sending out ammunition online; for us this helps turn product and supports other transactions in the normal course of our business. There are many advantages to buying ammunition online besides the often found reduction in cost. One major advantage is the convenience factor of being able to click your way through an online store to find what you want; your alternative is to drive to the store, fighting through the crowds to buy one box of ammo. This does not sound most appealing to me!

Understanding the risks of buying ammo online

There is always a risk of buying anything online, in all fairness it may even seem a little scary at first! This is often the case with first time online ammo buyers, unsure of state law and regulations due to media hype. Rest assured that the process in most instances is safe, reliable, and keeps your confidently protected. Most importantly it coincides with local state and federal laws. Firearms dealers are highly regulated and are required to know laws before selling anything to anyone. Another scary concept associated with buying anything online is the theft of credit card information. uses SSL protection which encrypts your data, and the latest levels of firewall protection when it comes to your personal information. Buying ammo online should be an easy and fun experience. One of the scariest concepts is legal mumbo jumbo behind everything, rest assured that knows the laws and would never do anything to jeopardize you or us.

One of the biggest setbacks to buying ammo online is that if you don’t know exactly what you need it’s hard to ask for help. Please know that buying ammo online from gives you access to our customer support, meaning any order being placed during normal course of business can be called in and we are more than happy to help. We are more than happy to help place orders through email as well, please contact or call us at 602-466-1278. Having us in your corner give you the confidence to know that you are getting what you need.

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