HVAC Smart Supply is offering free digital thermostat on HVAC Smart 6™

HVAC Smart Supply is offering free digital thermostat with its HVAC Smart 6™.

Online PR News – 19-January-2015 – Roseville, CA – Reducing AC's power consumption

According to the study conducted by the California Energy Commission, AC's efficiency can be improved by around 14.8 per cent by simply increasing internal fan's run time. HVAC Smart Chip's way of functioning is very simple. Once connected to the AC unit, this chip analyzes the AC's way of functioning. Later, it takes control of AC's fan and keeps it running till all the cold air is out of ducts. This way, the HVAC chip helps in reducing power consumption in AC.

HVAC Smart Chip can help in saving considerable amount of energy in heaters

Once installed, the HVAC Smart Chip analyzes the heating system's combustion cycle. After that, the smart chip takes control of furnace fan and runs it for few minutes more than usual time. This makes sure that all the heated air is released inside the house through the duct. Contractors can install HVAC Smart 6™ at customers’ commercial or residential property.

Digital thermostat is the best tool

System that allows users to adjust their home's cooling, venting and heating systems from anywhere! Digital thermostat can also help users to set alerts, monitor weather conditions, set energy savings settings, monitor indoor humidity, leakage of gas, controlling and monitoring energy use, etc. Most of these units allow users to change color settings in-order to match with home decor.

Digital thermostat units can be set up in just few minutes. These units can help users to control various electrical equipments, including water heaters.

Users can also control the concerned water heater's temperature without opening the heater's temperature without opening the heater's thermostat dial. Some digital thermostat units can be controlled with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even with the help of iOS, android apps.

HVAC Smart Supply is offering digital thermostat for free with the HVAC Smart 6™ system. This is another great opportunity for contractors who can pass this small but wonderful device to their customers.

With HVAC’s range of power saving products, users can start their new year by taking all the possible steps towards energy saving.

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