TSWG Launches World’s First Highly Accurate Eye Verify Technology in Brisbane

TSWG (The Systems Workgroup), a leader in secure and agile digital banking technology is headquartered in Brisbane.

Online PR News – 19-January-2015 – Brisbane, QLD – TSWG (The Systems Workgroup), a leader in secure and agile digital banking technology is headquartered in Brisbane. Incorporated in 1989 the company has grown to a staff of over 40 and provides technological solutions to the financial services sector.

TSWG is excited to introduce and launch Eyeprint ID within the Australian financial services market. Eyeprint ID is an extremely accurate biometric system that can be easily integrated into existing mobile applications. Eyeverify uses a patented technology that uses the existing camera on tablets and smart phones to image and pattern match the blood vessels in the whites of the eye.

The eyeprint ID is equal to a 50 character complex password but requires only a 1mp camera. The application is compatible with over 1 billion phones and tablets. It is a very safe way to protect both corporate and personal data or to protect against theft of a mobile device. The eyeprint ID is shown to be more accurate than a fingerprint scan in independent research studies. Human blood vessels are a stable biometric method of identification because the data set lives within the body and it is something that cannot be forged or photographed. The patented anti-spoofing technology uses eye motion analysis, 3D object detection and reflection pattern analysis to complete the ID verification. The Eyeverify FAR (False Accept Rate) in testing is 2/100,000.

Eyeprint ID uses pure software. There is no hardware dependency involved. This makes it simple, safe and secure. The software only biometric can also be used offline and supports both android and iOS.

For financial institutions EyeVerify ID makes it quick and easy for customers to verify their identity. Customers no longer need to remember a password and they get security with a simple glance.

The verification process is fast and simple. The user holds the phone a comfortable distance from their eye (about 6-12 inches) and glances left or right. The phone vibrates when the image capture is completed. Full verifications can be completed on the phone in under 1 second.

In a comparison of different biometric ID types the eyeprint is the most thorough and cost effective. Unlike fingerprints, face prints or voiceprints, Eyeprint ID generates a cryptographic key for extra security and it is the most cost effective method apart from face prints.

Other services provided by TSWG include the NetTeller banking Suite that includes internet banking services of all types including new accounts online, SMS alerts, online card management, secure banking, business banking, bill pay, mobile web and eStatements.
Expresso Onboarding is a powerful customer verification tool hat allows new and existing customers to generate accounts and internet banking instantly online. Real-time approvals, using electronic identity verification, eliminate the need for customers to visit a branch to open an account. The electronic identity verification is done via Veda which meets anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing legislation and regulations.