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Wellness coaching is a powerful relationship between a client and a wellness coach.Together we will explore your goals & examine the obstacles to achieving them

Online PR News – 19-January-2015 – Guertin Avenue,Ottawa,Ontario – HealthWell consult, launched a new website devoted to promote health & wellness and to provide techniques and tools that will inspire you to seek a lifestyle in order to achieve and sustain a high state of health and well-being.

“We strive to be a valuable and trusted resource for health and wellness related information. This includes information on personal health, self-care, physical fitness, healthy eating, and life coaching” said Dr. Roger El Khoury, Health & Wellness Consultant, M.S.C. in Preventive & Anti Aging Medicine, Member of the W.C.P.T, F.I.O.P.F, and W.O.C.P.M

It is our sincere belief that the best way to ensure optimal health, is to inspire and empower people with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.

Our commitment is to provide our members and visitors with this knowledge, and to provide services that will help to take more control over their lifestyle.

At Healthwell Consult we help you to discover the essence of what it takes to lead a healthy, joyful lifestyle, and to help you embrace physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. With this discovery, you can create the life you've always wanted to live.
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Roger El Khoury holds a doctor of Physical Therapy ( DPT) degree at Saint-Joseph’s University Faculty of Medicine(USJ), member of the World confederation for physical therapy (WCPT) the French association for physical therapy(FIOPF) ,holds a Master of Science in Anti aging and Preventive Medicine at Dresden University in Germany(DIU),member of the World Council for Preventive , Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine(WOCPM) ,certified consultant in Health and Wellness from ICS Canada.