Eplanet Launches E-waste Program for Boston, Southern New Hampshire Business

On the wake of escalating global warming and degrading climatic conditions of our planet, electronic recycling has becomes an extremely significant part.

Online PR News – 19-January-2015 – New Hampshire – Massachusetts, United States, 16th January, 2015 – Desktop and laptop computing has mostly replaced paperwork in the 21st century. Eplanet Enterprise has taken a mammoth initiative in providing e-waste solution to US businesses in an effective and environment friendly manner. The sophistication and range of electronics has increased manifold over the past couple of decades. There is high demand for advanced technology irrespective of any kind of business one venture into. This situation has tremendously raised the importance of effective e-waste management solutions both on corporate and individual front.

E-waste management has become an important Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on the wake of degrading environmental condition of our planet. Computer recycling forms a major chunk of a company’s electronic e-waste management system as all businesses use desktops, laptops, and notebooks for maintaining their official records.

Basically, there are two types of e-waste products piled up in your company warehouse. Those products which are declared end of life should be disposed of in an environment friendly manner. On the other hand, products which are still in reusable condition should be donated to charity. For performing both the tasks it is advisable for all businesses to appoint a reliable e-waste contractor who can do proper justice to their junk and reusable electronic office assets.

Eplanet Enterprise provides effective solutions to all corporate and individuals in the US. Our services include electronic recycling, data destruction, and asset buyback. Our corporate IT asset recovery is best in the market. We specifically provide e-waste recycling solutions to major clients in Boston and Southern New Hampshire area. We understand the time value of our clients and provide them free pick-up of assets. Proper disposal of your electronic equipment and secure data destruction is our sole responsibility. Alongside, we also conduct reusable and surplus asset remarketing program.

The price of electronic items depreciates in no time and it’s very important for a company to get rid of these equipments before their value diminishes. Eplanet enterprise also takes the responsibility of buying reusable IT assets of your company. Now, this is a real boost for those companies as well which are planning to downsize their business and need to tackle those equipments which are in good and workable condition.