Hrithik Roshan launches new range of body spray for his active lifestyle brand HRX

The new body spray collection called HRX deodorants introduces four different ranges Intent, Soul, Play &Drive.

Online PR News – 19-January-2015 – MUmbai – Mumbai, 14th January, 2015: The prelude to spring has begun on an exciting note as prestigious brand HRX, active lifestyle apparel and casual wear brand by Bollywood icon Hrithik Roshan launched four brand new ranges of deodorant in collaboration with Global Fragrances Pvt Ltd. and XTREME Perfumes and Personal Care Pvt Ltd today.
The new body spray collection called HRX deodorants introduces four different ranges Intent, Soul, Play &Drive. The range is especially crafted and designed for the uber fine gentleman & super cool dude who aims at achieving the very best and believes in the motto of “Love to Live Life” just like the brand creator Hritik Roshan. Priced at around INR 190, the products will be available on general trade, modern retail, online shopping portals etc.
The launch of HRX Deodorants will bring to the market 4 deodorants followed by EDT (Perfumes). The 4 deodorants that will be available in trade are:
HRX Intent - This deodorant has the following notes:
1. A fresh, floral, refreshing & rejuvenating fragrance.
2. Lemon lime, lily of the valley, exotic fruits, tuberos.
HRX Soul - This deodorant has the following notes:
1. Grapefruit, Mandoria orange, rosemary.
2. A fragrance with sweet alry& aqua – marine notes that ooze out natural freshness of aromatic, aquatic notes.
HRX Play - This deodorant has the following notes:
1. A fragrance that is woody, powdery, musky with oriental notes.
HRX Drive - This deodorant has the following notes:
1. A warm spicy and aromatic fragrance.
On the launch of HRX Deodorants Hritik Roshan said,“Deodorants are one of the most essential personal care items that we use every day. With these fantastic, new fragrances one can turn this into a magical experience every day.
I am happy about the HRX and Global & Xtreme perfumes association and their meticulous care in rendering such timely launches and working creatively with us to ensure that every launch is successful."
Hritik Roshan added saying, “after a full year of the successful launch of my active lifestyle apparel and casual wear brand HRX, I am sanguine that people would love this new range of body sprays”.
Somesh Choudhury says“It is great to see HRX roll out this new, exciting range of body sprays for males and we hope the unique fragrances will definitely attract people from a wide spectrum. The fact that these body sprays are inspired by his admirable spirit would go a long way in making sure of their long-lasting success.”

The HRX sales team, merchandisers, distributors and key internal partners attended the product launch of this new and exciting fragrance.
About Xtreme Perfumes and Personal Care
XTREME Perfumes and Personal Care Pvt Ltd ,with its head office at 405, Sewa Corporate Park, MG Road Gurgaon, has been operating with a vision to create a proper Distribution House, intended to market and distribute Mega Brands under one Umbrella. Xtreme is already marketing and distributing many brands at national & international levels in more than twenty nine countries and HRX is another feather added to the crown.
The Organisation is headed by Mr Somesh Choudhary, a financial expert with an experience of fifteen years in manufacturing of aerosols, perfumes and personal care products; and Mr Sanjeev Nayyar,a marketing wizard with nearly twenty years of national & international experience, with an expertise in the fragrance and personal care market.
Xtreme has a vast reach, with a distribution channel that includes Eight Depots, Sixty Super Stockists and more than Four hundred & fifty Distributors, reaching out to more than 70,000 Shops.
Xtreme has a team consisting of more than two hundred professionals at various levels in Sales & Distribution.
Xtreme has its own fully automatic, computerised manufacturing unit backed by a strong R&D & Designing Team, functioning since some years catering to National and International
About HRX
HRX, Hrithik Roshan's lifestyle brand, aims to empower everyone to be the best versions of themselves. The core of the brand extends beyond physical fitness through its tagline - Push your extreme. HRX inspires people to keep pushing their limits, face adversities and achieve excellence. It is a transformative brand for people who have always wanted to be more focused, more confident and more fearless. The brand is a mix of Hrithik's supreme style and passion.
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