Purchase the novel, “A Righteous Man” to help Stop Human Trafficking

Michael Edmonds, author of the civil rights drama, ‘A Righteous Man,’ is dedicating 90% of all royalties from his book toward saving children from slavery.

Online PR News – 17-January-2015 – Sydney – It is announced that the novel written by Michael Edmonds, ‘A Righteous Man; In the Dragon’s Realm’, is now available on Amazon where 90 percent of the proceeds from the book’s purchase will go directly to a charity that aims to end human trafficking.
While writing ‘A Righteous Man’, Michael Edmonds had always recognized that racial prejudice sadly existed all over the world, yet this modern day slavery was news to him. Hopefully, with the help of this novel, Michael Edmonds can be able to raise enough money and promote awareness with regard to this under-acknowledged act of violence that occurs daily to millions of innocent women and children.
Michael commenced the novel years ago with the purpose of writing a book that aimed to enhance characters with integrity, courage and honesty. Realising he had an asset to assist the financial requirement charities needed to rescue enslaved victims, he didn’t hesitate to donate 90 percent of the book’s proceeds to this cause.
The novel itself revolves around Joshua Broady, a troubled child who was raised in Baltimore’s rough side. Joshua enjoys a successful and happy life, however as a young teen, he witnessed a terrible crime and was sure to become imprisoned. Fortunately, the inspiration Joshua Broady found from a unlikely friend changed his path, but not his destiny.
Decades pass and Joshua goes back to the location that signifies a time that has been forgotten. In this place, Joshua meets an innocent man on death row, imprisoned for the crime Joshua witnessed years ago. Risking the safety of his family and his own life, Joshua entrusts his account of events to the local detective and discovers a community burdened with deceit and prejudice.
Michael Edmonds is financially assisting charities; Destiny Rescue and HAGAR.