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The very common in business and life of individuals small and large nature made and man made disasters, problems, wrong steps or behaviour could be very easy and fast presented to the view of many millions people in general public as "breaking news story" by news and media outlets on TV, Radio and lately on Internet! You may do not want such publicity! But who asked you?
Such breaking news announcements could ruin people's life or put you out of business!
This is why rich people and many businesses hire the publicists an PR(public relations) experts to handle day-to-day publicity and PR! And many of businesses are using the Publicity and PR as a Tool in their marketing as much cheaper alternative to more expensive regular advertising!
Here is the excert from blog!
"...Secret 3 You should unticipate, prepare and plan ahead for best positive results from Best and Most Successful Publicity and PR Campaigns!
It is better to do the planning and know ahead of time the possible goals, outcomes and results for each of your Publicity and PR Campaigns! You got your hands on internal problems needed to be fixed! Now you should prepare ahead your responses to any scenarios of probable external problems accompanied by bad publicity and public relations in the future after delivery new products, services!...
...Secret 5 You should benefit from any even Bad Publicity and PR Campaigns. Fire any Publicists that could not deliver and fix damage!
It also the common practice of the Press, News and Media to watch and wait for all your even very small wrong steps to get "breaking news stories" and greatly benefit from pushing on you the bad publicity! The Secret is to use mention your name in News to generate the very strong positive public interest, talking, positive word of mouth, positive buzz even from smallest bad publicity! You should get your current good public relations work hard to quickly fix, replace any bad publicity caused by news and media coverage! This is why hiring best experts- publicists with also large experience, best skills and top expertise in public relations(PR) is very important!..."
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