Southford High School Conducts 1st Annual Program Stimulating Self-Management Skills

Southford High School recently conducted its 1st Annual program on developing efficient self-management skills amongst the high school graduates.

Online PR News – 17-January-2015 – San Francisco, USA – Self-management is that essential skill which facilitates an individual in various ways throughout a lifetime. It helps in developing a motivation, a stimulation to concentrate on the task and enhances the ability to overcome procrastination. Southford High School, understanding its dire need, is developing the very self-management skills of their school graduates. A seminar was conducted in this regard defining the perception of the high school towards self-management and furthering it as it has been helping, and continues to do so, the graduates in developing themselves better.

The seminar conducted by Southford covered the following strategies leading to self-management:
• Monitor activities
• Prioritize them
• Set goals
• Self-talk the goal achievement strategies
• Affirm with positive appreciations to one-self and challenge negative thoughts
• Evaluate the time consumption for each task
• Eat and sleep properly to help manage stress
• Reinforce oneself each time a task is achieved

The Dean shared Southford's perception on self-management in a few words by saying, "Students today need guidance more than ever. To ensure they are utilizing their full potential and are attentive towards what they do, there is a need of a key tool to reside within them. This key tool is self-management." He further added, "What could be concluded from and conquered out of self-management? Starting from the most minor of tasks, all the way to the major ones, it helps in keeping a mind straight and not leading it astray in devious manners. From planning to implementing, if a person is aware of the management skills at a young age like this, all could be achieved in a streamline demeanor throughout the lifetime."

In accordance with research conducted in the area of self-management, it has been proven that it not only helps in monitoring oneself but also allows for managing of the time in a way that would enable the individual to avoid stress and participate in several fun activities that were being missed earlier. Southford High School is leading on by providing the students with the right approach towards self-management and teaching them helpful tips that would enable them to explore with ease, anticipate before time, and work hassle-free in times to come. If this habit is developed amongst them today, it would surely go a long way, and transform them into efficient leaders tomorrow.