Free Soul Revival Releases ‘I Nada Color’

According to producer Joe Bali, the idea for I Nada Color came years ago from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Online PR News – 16-January-2015 – Huntington Beach, California – Announcing Free Soul Revival’s release of the new single for the song and video I Nada Color.
Free Soul Revival presents the release for their newest single I Nada Color. The video for the song is a rhythmic flow of lyrical images revealing the song’s socially conscious message. Free Soul Revival includes producer Joe Bali and vocalist Diva Gray from the classic disco group Chic.
The single and video I Nada Color are available on ITUNES as well as YOUTUBE, VEVO and other web outlets.

Joe Bali explains, “years ago I watched a provocative afternoon TV talk show that chose to have a variety of racists on as guests. And after watching this negative racial mindset reveal itself I was compelled to say “f—k color” if it means that I’m lumped in with any of this simply because I happened to be born a similar color.”

“I Nada Color is a song about changing the way you look at things, changing the way you look at others and changing the way you look at yourself. It’s a declaration of independence from the toxic racial attitude of skin tone labels or complexion identity. Every human being has a skin tone. It's right there at the top of the most surface and obvious physical characteristics we perceive when we look at another person. That’s when the profiling begins in everyone’s mind. What do we see when we look at another person. Can we see beyond our own beliefs about color or anything else? Can we see the living soul and spirit within? It’s a choice. We are all at choice.”

“Martin Luther King Jr. inspired me very young. He was a deliberate creator and activated this idea. His dream wasn’t a trend. His idea seeds expansion and evolution for well being.”
In November 2014 Free Soul Revival released the song and video for ‘Freedom 4 Breakfast’ of which is available on ITUNES etc.
About Free Soul Revival:

Free Soul Revival is a music project produced by Joe Bali. Joe Bali is also know as Seph Marx, the producer and vocalist of post-punk rock band Psychobud. Psychobud was born out of the early LA punk rock scene in 1980. Psychobud has released recordings, Psychobud debut EP, Vapor EP and Behind The Orange Curtain LP and a new single and video for Darkness Gives Birth.