Innovative Varmala Themes are in Vogue this Season

The wedding season always springs a few surprises with brand new trends making waves every year.

Online PR News – 16-January-2015 – New Delhi – The wedding season always springs a few surprises with brand new trends making waves every year. And the idea is to plan a wedding that can qualify as truly special. Thankfully, wedding planners are there for offering every kind of assistance that one might require. However, these resourceful planners are likely to be taken early. Therefore, it would be essential to book requirements with them in advance.

Weddings today are marked by highpoints. Whereas the ceremonies conducted would be kind of similar for every wedding, it is these highpoints which sets one celebration apart from the rest. The manner in which these highpoints are observed remains etched in the minds of all those who attend the wedding, for years to come. Some of these distinguished highpoints include picking the right entertainment options and choosing interesting themes for commemorating the more essential rituals like the varmala ceremony and so on.

The varmala ceremony assumes a lot of importance owing to the fact that it is viewed by one and all. It happens on a stage before a huge audience comprising of guests and family members. It also marks the beginning of the wedding celebrations. Naturally, every measure is undertaken to make it special. Nowadays innovative themes are devised for making the bride and groom feel extra special. The idea is to make the occasion as dramatic as possible and planners leave no stone unturned in planning the event. Flowers are sprinkled all over, signifying the showering of blessings even as the crowd cheers along.

Speaking of the importance of the varmala ceremony and its significance, Get Your Venue, a leading wedding planner in Delhi commented, “Dramatic presentation of Jaimala ceremony makes the wedding couple feel special and out-of-the-ordinary. Massive background, bells ringing your heart, lights blinking your soul and senses and a shower of flowers and blessings from all around; this is what defines an ideal Jaimala theme Delhi. To augment your ceremony, brings to you a choice of numerous vivacious, lively and vibrant varmala themes and as per your taste and affordability, you can choose the best one for your wedding day.”

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