Introducing haveyouseen - the world’s first real Social shopping platform

Today sees the launch of community driven social shopping platform haveyouseen, which is set to revolutionise the way we shop online.

Online PR News – 16-January-2015 – London – Online shopping will never be the same again.

Today sees the launch of community driven social shopping platform haveyouseen, which is set to revolutionise the way we shop online by allowing people to not only shop and add great products, but also get rewarded for sharing with others.

Retailers pay out billions of pounds every year to shopping websites through affiliate fees. Now haveyouseen will enable that money to go direct to the individuals making the recommendation.

Founder and CEO of haveyouseen, Ben van Rooyen, explained: “Personal recommendations have always been a way to spread positive news about brands. From fashion to tech, holidays and more, we are increasingly sending links to products we know our friends will want to see or buy. And retailers are willing to reward people for doing this”.  

As many as 65% of people say that they learn about new products and brands through their social connections.

They also value this guidance with 92% saying that they trust recommendations from friends and family.

haveyouseen gives members the opportunity to take all their favourite things from across the internet and organise them into one, easy to find, shoppable location. This can then be easily shared across their social circles.

Says Ben: “A few years ago social shopping might have involved a Saturday afternoon trip around the shops with friends, chatting about trends, battling for bargains and offering changing-room advice. Now many people shop online and we are seeing this social shopping behaviour move into the digital world where people send friends or family links to products they think they’d love, often via social media or email.

“The unique brilliance of haveyouseen is that members will be rewarded in cash when their friends or connections buy something on the back of their recommendation.

The site, which is free to join, already has the backing of more than 3,000 big-name retailers with more joining every day.

Charities too can profit.  Ben says: “We understand some people may not be interested in earning commission but enjoy the rest of the haveyouseen experience. So we have created the opportunity for our members to donate some or all of their earnings to a charity of their choice.”

Ben says: “haveyouseen not only caters for the masses but is also a powerful tool for bloggers and other influencers to amplify their reach through the platform’s incentivised network effect. Unlike others, we reward these influencers’ sales up to six degrees of separation.”

“Unique, rich data will also be a valuable by-product as haveyouseen is able to identify not only brand advocates, but more importantly influencers within the social graph - a problem that marketers have struggled with since the proliferation of ecommerce.”

“We’ve put together an incredible team at haveyouseen who put the user at the heart of each and every decision we’ve made along the development process. We’re proud the site has already generated significant interest and offers such unique benefits for everyone.”

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