Globalstar Selects FAQ Software by Web-Site-Scripts

Globalstar, world’s first satellite messenger producer, chooses FAQ software by Web-Site-Scripts Company, the global leader in FAQ systems.

Online PR News – 02-September-2009 – – Web-Site-Scripts Company, the global leader in FAQ management solutions, has been chosen by Globalstar Company as provider of FAQ tools for information system about their world’s first satellite messenger Spot.

WSS FAQ application already supports all required tools and is very stable for successful implementation in projects with high user traffic like Spot website which is visited by tens of thousands of people every day. People go to the convenient faq system to find information related to Spot satellite GPS messenger: usage tips, information for web developers, subscription pricing, Spot device information, etc.

"We're happy with this software. It allows us to manage all articles from the single place - we have published FAQ on our website only once, and now we just update questions and answers from the admin area", - says Joshua Heintz, Support Operator from Globalstar Company. "It is a pleasure to work with modern well-engineered software that is already capable to do anything that may come to your mind next second".

When we talk about FAQ script by Web-Site-Scripts Company, we must mention huge variety of settings that supply amazing flexibility in fine-tuning and creation of FAQ on different websites on various topics.

Apart from the fact that integration with design of the existing website is smart and simple, it is also allowed to control appearance and work logic of FAQ by tuning more than thousand of parameters. Globalstar greatly benefited from this set of features and neatly integrated FAQ tool to their website with ease. Some users might even do not know that any faq software has been used to provide frequent answers because of very pure and clean integration.

"We're proud that Globalstar has chosen our software. It is a real honor for us to work with such successful company", - says Edward Nikolaev, Head of Support Department of Web-Site-Scripts Company.

As we look behind the scenes - at the back-end administrative part of the FAQ application, we see that it is developed as convenient tool not only for end-users, but also for day-to-day faq manager operators. These people work with real WYSIWYG editor that shows articles in exactly the same way as they appear after publication on website. Globalstar as a large company also benefited from distribution of access permissions. Access permissions allocation tool allows managing access to each function of FAQ application. More than 70 settings allow involving to the system such people as designers, authors, top management, partners, client groups, departments, etc, and at the same time distribute access appropriately and keep proper security level. In addition, this eases work with the application for people who have narrow set of tasks so they do not see "unnecessary" buttons, functions, links, and windows, and better concentrate on achievement of their main goal.

"We want to congratulate Globalstar upon Spot satellite messenger victory of Technology Innovation Award for 2008 by The Wall Street Journal", - says Gregory Koldirkaev, CEO of Web-Site-Scripts. "We wish them to keep their business on a high level for good and more features for great Spot messenger".

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