Is Making World of Warcraft Millionaires

World of Warcraft is the leading MMO currently in the market place. MMO stands for massive multiplayer online games. Other popular games in this genre are Final Fantasy XI, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online and EverQuest II. But World of Warcraft leads them all with it's massive amount of players, according to the professionals at

Online PR News – 24-March-2009 – – CA, March 2009 - It’s the virtual money you need to enhance your characters to keep going in the game. Many players don’t want to go through the grinding process of earning gold for their character, so for these players just paying for gold can improve the overall gaming experience. This process is know as real money trade or RMT, it is available for every MMO game on the Internet. World of Warcraft, introduce by Blizzard Entertainment back in November 2003 has becomes the most popular MMO in the world in terms of total monthly paid subscribers. The number of players is estimated to be around 11 million. Buying gold will give players more status in the game. Their are even some millionaires in the online world who have over a million gold in their accounts. "Players can get pretty big egos when they have that much WOW Gold" says Hunter Crowell of

Hunter Crowell also added "gathering this large amount of World of Warcraft Gold is as difficult as it time consuming. There are websites selling step buy step guides to earn gold, but all these guides will do is cost money and waste your time. World of Warcraft Gold is not a simple thing to earn, unless you are an experienced gamer who likes to spend lots of time in front of the computer .So buying gold just makes sense. You are paying someone else to do the grinding for you, letting them get paid real money for their hard work while you get paid back in a more enjoyable gaming experience. Because gold effects everything through out the game, it’s not just about the skills.

Speaking on the move, Hunter Crowell said, "The second reason to buy WoW Gold is because it is very cheap. It won’t take the price of real gold. And it is available for purchase any hour of every day. You just have to visit our site, pick your server, faction and add it to your shopping chart and you are on your way".

They have been in business since 2003 and have locations throughout the United States, Ireland, and Australia. For more information, visit

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