Unjust Canadian High Commission Clearing Excess Application Stock!

Speculations are being raised about the negligent Canadian High Commission to use unfair and unjust means of clearing out the excess backlog of application.

Online PR News – 02-September-2009 – – New Delhi, 29th August 2009: Speculations are being raised about the negligent Canadian High Commission to use unfair and unjust means of clearing out the excess backlog of application. Speculations have been rising on the recent denials by the Canadian High Commission as a strategy to clear the back log of applications. Hundreds of qualifying applications have been refused, especially those filed before the 27th February 2008. To their further dismay, none of the Canadian authorities have taken note of it, in spite of receiving complaints from the applicants. In addition, the bureaucratic procedures have left no chance for an applicant to question the credibility of the decision.

In spite of having the contact information of all the applicants, they are rarely contacted to check whether they have received the letter or not. “Somebody who has been made to wait for immigration for years, after being promised to get it in months; surely deserves a phone call before his case is being closed forever?”, says Mr. Ajay Sharma, Principal Consultant of ‘ABHINAV’- a leading immigration firm.

In addition, no accurate guidelines have been brought out by the Canadian High Commission. The reasons given for refusal are extremely vague and never mentioned appropriately. The refusal letters do not mention any information regarding the appeal process. On request, the applicant is simply asked to file a fresh application. Mr. Sharma adds, “The grounds of such vague reasoning show a clear abuse of authority by the visa officers. But then there is no accountability for it.”

Also, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website is equipped to show the current status of the application. Knowing that most of the applicants check their status online, it still offers only two comments i.e. either the file is in process or the decision has been made. When approached with such a status, the response is a simple rejection of the application. For this Mr. Sharma feels, “If the higher officials do not agree with the seriousness of the issue, then they should simply release information on number of applications rejected on the grounds of non-receipt of updated forms and documents since January 2007”.

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