Buddy Buddy Buddy Poised To Win Over Google's Primary Revenue

One of Google's Pay-Per-Click earns generates revenue in excess of $38 billion a year. The basic PPC concept is largely unchallenged. That is about to change.

Online PR News – 13-January-2015 – Vista, CA -- Monday, January 12th – Vista, CA -- Monday, January 12th -- Internet startup company Do You Buddy has developed an advertising model that improves on the weakest aspect of the popular PPC concept. PPC is just that. Advertisers pay for click-throughs to their sites, whether a sale is made or not. Do You Buddy has pioneered a Pay-Per-Sale model called Buddy Buddy Buddy which eliminates the prime risk of PPC by charging fees only after a sale has been made.

Preliminary test marketing has shown that advertisers are highly receptive to an alternative to PPC. As Do You Buddy founder Dale Wozny says,

"Advertisers clearly understand the value of our platform and quickly realize, 'Why pay-per-click when you can pay-per-sale?' While Google's PPC has single-handedly dominated the online advertising landscape over the past decade with a great product, it's time for the next evolution of online advertising with an improved product that gives merchants a fairer shake for their advertising dollar."

The pay per sale model developed by Do You Buddy relies on a social media tie-in that delivers a stream of referred shoppers who participate in a three-level shopping rewards program. Through this system Buddy Buddy Buddy is able to drive referrals to participating stores and charge a fee after sales are made. Buddy Buddy Buddy is so named for the way it delivers shopping rewards to three levels of social media friends through product sale referrals.

Do You Buddy is still in a test phase at this time seeking investors to fully launch the platform and will be embarking on a crowdfunding campaign early in 2015.

For more information on Buddy Buddy Buddy, visit http://www.doyoubuddy.com

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