Premier Agents Group, LLC partners with HTH Worldwide

Premier Agents Group, LLC teams up with HTH Worldwide to offer world travelers access to pre-qualified english speaking doctors, hospitals and clinics.

Online PR News – 24-March-2009 – – Have you ever been away form your home country and gotten sick? It's not a pleasant experience. Even worse, who do you turn to when your not familiar with the local hospitals, doctors and clinics.

"Now with the help of HTH Worldwide and a lot of work, we are able to provide world travelers, access to an international network of doctors, hospitals and clinics.” says Mike Chiango, President of Premier Agents Group, LLC. A company offering international health insurance plans to world travelers.

HTH Worldwide is one of the insurance companies that Premier Agents Group, LLC represents. They offer various travel insurance plans which include the network of pre-screened international physicians and hospitals. The network is now available for anyone, even if they are not insured with HTH Worldwide. It's available through a paid subscription. The network can be housed on your personal PDA.

The product is called mPassport and is available on the web site of Premier Agents Group, LLC. ( Travelers can access 4,200+ carefully selected, English speaking doctors in top destinations in 180 countries outside the U.S. Travelers can find selected hospitals and clinics in over 1,150 destinations – more than 400 inside the U.S. Travelers can find pharmacies in over 500 international destinations.

"We hope that this new tool will better equip world travelers with a reliable source of quality care anywhere on the planet.” says Mr. Chiango.

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