Is the Biltmore Whos Who Scam?

Is the Biltmore Whos Who a Scam? Biltmore Who's Who is proud to introduce VIP Lifetime Member Glenda Brown.

Online PR News – 02-September-2009 – – Biltmore Who’s Who is not a scam…according to the many members who sing the praises of what this social networking and registry entity did to help them strengthen their business and personal brand reputation online.The Biltmore Who’s Who roster includes thousands of members, and while no entity can ever claim to please every potential client, many members rave at about the positive benefits.

Is the Biltmore Whos Who a Scam? When people learn about the steps we take to catch any mistakes and the genuine PR services we provide our members, they quickly see that Biltmore Who’s Who is not a scam.

Biltmore Who's Who is proud to introduce VIP Lifetime Member Glenda Brown.

We are taking this time to congratulate this outstanding member.

Glenda Brown has been in Real Estate for over 40 years serving her community. She is a member of The National Board of Realtors; she is a Principal Broker of Glenda Brown Realty located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Glenda's personal decision to join the Real Estate world came while she was in Medical School. After years of pursuing her degree she knew that she had a different calling. She graduated in 1963 from the University of Alabama and received her Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biology.

Glenda says several years prior she always enjoyed driving, observing homes and land for sale "Thinking what I could envision to improve the overall appearance of the property". I believe the initial impression of a residence and land speaks clearly and loudly. She decided to begin to inquire and seek more information regarding "School of Real Estate" courses. She took her first course on Basic Real Estate and became so enthused, the rest was history. She completed more advanced classes, and then obtained her Sales License in 1968. Fourteen months later she became a Principal Broker.

Glenda has retained her license for over 40 years and also obtained Alabama Reciprocal Licenses in 2001. For years now she has been a Multi-Million Dollar producer with her career reaping many benefits and daily fun. She is a low key broker she never takes more than 5 listings in a period of time. She always strives to give quality service to all of her clients. Her goal has always been to display her product and not her picture. She advertises in monthly local Real Estate Magazines and also in Local Newspapers.

Biltmore Who's Who is glad that Glenda Brown decided to make her mark in the exciting world of Real Estate. She has put in countless hours of dedication by providing a service to all in need. That is a big commitment.

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