Denim Brand Launches T-Shirt Series

ONE NINE EIGHT FOUR Denim collaborates to produce signature tees

Online PR News – 08-January-2015 – New York, NY – One Nine Eight Four Denim is currently working diligently to provide the world with innovative denim styles. This company is working towards various funding options including the recent launch of their Indiegogo Campaign “HELP US FIND OUR JEANS”. Along with this campaign, contributors are provided with various perks for supporting this brand. To continue its efforts 1NE 9INES Denim collaborated with Andy Sheffield of Cure for the Common Studios to launch a three-part series of signature tees.

The signature tees, styled ART/ST EDITIONS are made to encourage consumers to think, if only for a moment. These tees define the vision and inspiration of the 1NE 9INE’s brand. These tees will be another added perk for individuals supporting 1NE 9INES Denim. “Partnering with Cure for the Common on this exclusive 3-part series was a no brainer. It's not often you get to work with such a brilliant creator. The tees, ART/ST EDITIONS, were created to evoke some thought or at least get people staring. I think we both understood this.” says founder Lexi Cook. Part one of the t-shirt series is now available for pre-order at Part two of the signature tee series is set to be released on Friday, Jan. 9, 2015 for pre-order.

About Cure for the Common Studios
Cure for the Common is a boutique creative studio focused on producing bold, elegant, smart, conceptual, provocative, detailed and memorable visual experiences. Style & Substance.

Cure for the Common is centered around arts, entertainment, fashion and music. We also collaborate with established agencies and firms as a conceptual partner, often in the early stages of a project. The studio specializes in all manner of branding, design and art direction to fully realize a beautiful and relevant image, whether you are a person or inanimate object.

About One Nine Eight Four Denim
ONE NINE EIGHT FOUR is a premium denim brand heavily inspired by pop culture, which can be found in the glaring details of each design. We aim to unite the world in our differences, with an obsessive focus on design, production, promotion, consumption, and appearance. We deliver jeans to the world with movement, inventive composition, style and classic fits.

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