Creative Biomart Introduced New Service for Its Protein Expression

Creative Biomart newly introduced Pichia Glyco Protein Production Service for its protein expression service.

Online PR News – 07-January-2015 – Shirley – Scientists and researchers in need of protein expression service especially Pichia Glyco Protein now have access to Creative Biomart’s latest updated platform for the production of Pichia glyco protein. This novel release was a show of its commitment to providing advanced tools for protein expression and purification.
In the scientists’ word, Pichia pastoris, a eukaryote, has many of the advantages of higher eukaryotic expression systems such as protein processing and protein folding, while at the same time being as easy to manipulate as E.coli. Many therapeutic proteins are glycoproteins; however, manufacturing methods based on mammalian cell culture currently do not allow the precise control of glycosylation.
“With decades of experience and expertise in protein expression field, scientists in Creative Biomart now carried out with our newly updated Pichia Glyco Protein Production service. We are always on the go, aiming to provide a comprehensive list of protein expression systems and services to better assist our valued customers.”
After visiting the official website of Creative Biomart, the reporter found that Creative Biomart currently has nearly 15 types of protein expression services for its customers to choose which include mammalian expression systems, yeast expression systems, cell-free expression system, etc.
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