World Renowned Prostate Cancer Physician Launches HIFU Site

Dr. Scionti enlists the services of leading online marketing firm to create and market new HIFU site.

Online PR News – 02-September-2009 – – Charlotte, NC – Leading Internet marketing firm On Top Results just launched a new website for Dr. Stephen Scionti, a New England urologist who specializes in prostate health. September is prostate cancer awareness month and the launch of Dr. Scionti's new HIFU site will help educate more patients about alternatives that exist in the industry.

When asked about the unique needs of healthcare providers when it comes to online marketing, Keith Schilling, owner of On Top Results, said, "Doctors and clinics need a unique style of online marketing. They are looking to reach a targeted group of people – those with the conditions they treat who live near the area where they practice medicine. In the case of most healthcare providers, reaching the entire World Wide Web is not going to increase ROI. We work to teach them how to effectively reach their most specific targeted market through SEO, pay per click advertising, and social media marketing."

"Of course," Mr. Schilling went on to say, "Doctors must have a presence online if they are going to be successful in today's market. That presence, in the form of a professional website, needs to give patients a way to research their options and the various conditions they face. Today's patient is very self-aware and wants the opportunity to do his own research. A successfully marketed website fulfills this need while providing excellent ROI for the clinic's marketing budget."

The new site,, provides information about a cutting-edge prostate cancer treatment option for patients. Mr. Schilling and the team at On Top Results created optimized content and a professional site design with an optimized structure to give the doctor an effective online presence that both draws search engine traffic and projects the correct image to potential and existing patients. For patients, the new site provides information about prostate cancer and potential treatments, specifically HIFU treatment.

About Dr. Stephen Scionti

Dr. Scionti has been recognized around the world for his work in treating prostate cancer using minimally invasive therapy options, specifically guided ablation technologies. He has worked extensively with HIFU treatment centers around the world to perfect the technology, research further applications for it, and train other urologists in the use of HIFU. Currently, Dr. Scionti serves as the medical director and founder of the International Center for Men's Health. Here he dedicates his work to diagnosing prostate cancer and using HIFU and cryotherapy to provide patients with minimally invasive treatment options. Recently, Dr. Scionti has accepted a position as the Director of Prostate Cancer Ablation Surgery at the New York University School of Medicine and Langone Medical Center.

About On Top Results

On Top Results, Inc., is one of the leading Internet marketing firms in the southeast. Located in Charlotte, NC, On Top Results serves a variety of clients, focusing primarily on healthcare marketing and real estate marketing. Services offered by the team include optimized content and website development, social media marketing training, pay per click advertising training and support, and online reputation management services. To find out more about online marketing, visit or call Keith Schilling at 704-269-8765.

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