JiJi Active Directory Reports v4.0.3.1 from JiJi Technologies to generate Reports from AD Objects.

JiJi Active Directory Reports tool with advance features, comforts the Administrators to manage active directory by generating more than 150 out of box reports of Active Directory objects efficiently.

Online PR News – 17-August-2010 – – JiJi Active Directory Reports v4.0.3.1 from JiJi Technologies to generate
Reports from Active Directory Objects.

JiJi Technologies, the global leader in systems and security solutions for Active Directory and Group Policy based environment today announced the commercial availability of JiJi Active Directory Reports v4.0.3.1.

JiJi Active Directory Reports tool is a powerful tool to generate more than 150 out of box reports of Active Directory objects such as users, groups, computers, exchange servers, organizational units, group policy objects, printers, contacts . It allows an administrator to retrieve required information about Active Directory infrastructure and objects and displays it in a clear and logical format with high degree of speed and accuracy.

Features added in this version:

* A new option called 'Report sending option' is included in the main UI. It supports the two options namely 'Send report as mail body' and 'Send report as attachment' .

*An option called 'Run As' is included for Schedule .

*An Option to STOP the bulk report generation and to show the status report after bulk report generation is included .

*In Mail server settings, an option called send mail with high priority is added.

*Shows status report (View Summary) after scheduling .

*Speed Optimization for "Search" & "Sort" operation .

*Speed Optimization for "Export" &"Print" operation.

*Speed Optimization for generating "All Group" reports with group members .

Active Directory Reports tool - Salient Features:

*Helps to do actions like delete, move, disable, enable and reset based on the reports generated in bulk.

*Helps to schedule the automatic generation of the reports. The generated reports are sent via E-mail.

*Helps to generate set of selected reports and provides option to save and send via E-mail.

*Can specify the list of domain controllers to be user and not to be used. By using this setting, it is possible to isolate the faulty, far away domain controller during the report generation.

*Helps to search a specific Active Directory Object quickly and accurately.

*Helps to customize the report columns. It provide option to list all the schema attributes based on the report type.

*Active directory lastlogoff and Active directory last logon Reports Generation can be automated using powershell script.

*Active directory audit reports generation can be limited to Organizational Units (OU) in a domain, facilitating an OU based administration.

*Generate the reports based on the user-defined custom LDAP query .

Active Directory Reports tool - Additional Features:

*Helps to restore the deleted users/computers in bulk.

*Helps to print reports.

*Reports can be exported to PDF, CSV and Excel formats.

*Colums can be sorted.

*A sub-feature of Bulk Report Generation and Scheduler called templates can be used to store set of reports and its arguments in memory, which provides an option to reuse the stored reports.

Active Directory Reports tool - A glance:

*150+ out of box reports can be generated.

*Supports automation.

*Generation, restoration of reports in bulk.

*Supports for scheduling, printing, exporting the reports to CSV/PDF/EXCEL formats.

*Helps to retrieve objects quickly and accurately.

Pricing and Availability:

JiJi Active Directory Reports v4.0.3.1 is available for an evaluation download for 30 days trial. You can download the evaluation version from here http://www.jijitechnologies.com/download-trial-adr.html . You can view the pricing details from here http://www.jijitechnologies.com/jiji-active-directory-reports-pricing.html

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