Industry giant, General Electric, brings in a “click ass” keynote speaker, author Larry Bailin

Internet Marketing expert and best-selling marketing author, Larry Bailin, has been invited to deliver the keynote address at the General Electric Home Technologies/AIN Group Event in Atlanta, Georgia.

Online PR News – 01-September-2009 – – This September, best-selling Internet Marketing author and leading Internet and Social Media expert, Larry Bailin, will be the keynote speaker for General Electric’s Home Technologies/AIN Group Event. The conference will take place Thursday, September 10, 2009 at the Atlanta Marriot Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bailin made a splash in the Marketing world with the arrival of his first book, Mommy Where Do Customers Come From" which was released by Larstan Publishing in 2007. The book combines Bailin’s off-the-cuff humor with years of experience in the world of Internet Marketing, alerting readers on how to deal with the critical issue of marketing and selling products to a new breed of customers. This month, Bailin proudly released the second edition of Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From" which had a lasting impact on his beloved New Jersey roots. For the entire month of August, Bailin donated all of the book’s proceeds to New Jersey halfway house and drug addiction rehabilitation center, Freedom House. Despite his many accolades and awards, Bailin cites his charitable work among his most proud accomplishments.

Bailin’s captivating style and personality, both in person and on paper, has paved the way for continued success in the Internet Marketing arena. As President and CEO of Single Throw Internet Marketing, Bailin’s expertise has taken hundreds of companies from drab online brochures to wonders of the World Wide Web. Launching an Internet Marketing company in the Dot Com bust wasn’t the easiest accomplishment, but Bailin’s unusual style, coupled with his focus on his clients and customers, has stood the test of time.

In our present day, an age where everyone seems to be a self-proclaimed Social Media expert, Bailin sets himself apart by sticking to Marketing and Sales methods that are generations old. For Bailin, this means focusing on and satisfying the customer. He continues to help his clients “click ass,” as he puts it, and works with them to improve and grow their businesses.

Bailin is a master of his craft whose keynote addresses have spanned the width of the nation, bringing the tools and secrets of Internet Marketing to companies in need, including household brand names, Microsoft, UPS, and Bath Fitter. At the General Electric Home Technologies/AIN Group Event, Bailin’s presentation will explore the concept of making meaningful customer connections online. To do this, Bailin will focus on the best practices in Internet Marketing, website design, search engine optimization, and Social Media.

“Any business’ success online, whether it is in search engines or Social Media, hinges more on solid Sales and Marketing fundamentals than technological proficiencies and faulty tactics,” Bailin said.