Author Jacky Gray's White Horse Adventure 'Reagan' At Rock-Bottom Price

The third novel in the Hengist series can be downloaded onto your Kindle for free until 2015.

Online PR News – 29-December-2014 – Warwick, U.K. – After the runaway success of the fourth book in the Hengist series, ‘Slater,’ the prequel ‘Reagan‘ is now on special offer. “People seemed to like Slater’s adventures when Stonehenge was being built,” says author Jacky Gray, “and Reagan’s story about the White Horses in Wessex is where we meet Slater for the first time.” Although part of a series, each book tells a complete story about a different boy and can be read independently.

Slater’s mentor, Reagan, has many fans, one of whom says, “I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Hengist series, but there is something about this one in particular that really speaks to me. I can't put a finger on it, but it has to do with the way the author spins it out, with the mixing of the mystery and the mystical.” Another reader says, “Ms. Gray does an excellent job presenting Reagan's internal psychological struggle between the teenager in him and the side of him that is a level-headed professional.”

Reagan will never impress his mother, not even when he aces all his tests. With a series of disasters challenging the village, the council leader assigns the gifted boy a task only he can fulfill. Aided by his spirit guide, Blaise, and a master trainer, Kalen, Reagan strives to determine the position of the next white horse. Reagan's mathematical skills help him decode the complex patterns of ley lines and crop circles, but it becomes a race against time as the dangerous accidents spread to outlying villages, leading to serious casualties.

An irreverent painter and a shrewd female blacksmith are two of the entertaining characters peopling this tale. The threat of the lawless Renegate tribe is overshadowed by the disturbing gift which destroys 'chosen' children. Lisa Rikand, Author of ‘Girl the Reaper’ says, “I'm not a math nerd, but thoroughly enjoyed looking for patterns along with Reagan. I picked up this book because I have an unnatural obsession with the chalk horses of England and was not disappointed!”

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