Fusion Bodybuilding Releases Novel Fat Burning Product Sub-Q

Fusion Bodybuilding, a Canadian company that specializes in bodybuilding supplements

Online PR News – 30-December-2014 – 12/29/2014 Guelph, Ontario – Ontario, Canada, October 17, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Fusion Bodybuilding, a Canadian company that specializes in bodybuilding supplements, has recently been seeing a high demand for their fat burning product called Sub-Q which many are calling one of the best fat burners on the market. Sub-Q is specially designed to get rid of the fat that stands in the way of your sought after shredded physique. Included in this product package is the Beyond Ripped Diet and online access to the Fusion Bodybuilding VIP site, both of which are to be used in combination with Sub-Q to maximize your results and decrease your body fat by as much as possible.

Sub-Q works by decreasing the amount of subcutaneous fat in your body while at the same time retaining your muscle, helping you get the shredded look you desire. Subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat that rests just underneath your skin; this layer of fat contains adipose cells, which are attached to your muscles and bones by connective tissues. The larger the quantity of subcutaneous fat, the more your muscle shape will be distorted and hidden.

The decrease in subcutaneous fat described above occurs thanks to Sub-Q’s Bullet Caplet Technology, an exclusive caplet design owned by Fusion Bodybuilding. Standard caplet supplements release ingredients from the outermost layer of the caplet, releasing one ingredient at a time. Alternatively, Sub-Q’s Bullet Caplet Technology disintegrates each layer of the caplet, while at the same time creating unique micro-channels in the caplet structure. These micro-channels release all of the Sub-Q ingredients from inside of the caplet and into your body by dissolving it from the center. This creates a constant, steady release of Sub-Q ingredients to ensure that all of them are released at the same time and work together as they should.