NinjaUnits released first public beta preview of unit conversion calculator

NinjaUnits - the latest unit conversion web-service has just hit the online space with a new, dynamic and easy to use web application.

Online PR News – 30-December-2014 – New York City – NinjaUnits conversion calculators are designed for those who need to convert different units from various fields of activity such as chemistry, physics or web-design in a simple, effective and fast way. NinjaUnits provides units conversion in an easier manner, accesible from the website through a simple but highly intuitive user interface. Downloading or installing software is not necessary for using conversion calculators available on the website. These free online conversion calculators available on are a boon for both individual and business users in need of unit conversion services.

Simple but highly intuitive user interface allows users to easily convert units they need. NinjaUnits instantly convert or calculate desired units. Once the user types in the unit that wants to convert, conversion calculator will automatically calculate the unit wanted by the user.

The latest released conversion calculators are designed for users that working with physics and chemistry units. Our online conversion calculators supports popular units type from these fields of activity like joules, BTU, electron-volts, calories etc. You can convert these unit types between them in just a few clicks.

About NinjaUnits:
NinjaUnits is an easy online tool to convert units or make calculations online which offers its service accessible anywhere anytime. NinjaUnits web-service has now 14 units conversion calculators applicable on chemistry and physics and two online calculators for design and graphics. Please visit to try their services.