James Preston Rogers in the films 'My Daughter Must Live' and 'The Masked Saint'

James Preston Rogers stars in the role of Lucas in two-time Toronto Film Festival Award winning director John L'Ecuyer’s film “My Daughter Must Live.”

Online PR News – 28-December-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Canadian actor James Preston Rogers wowed audiences in the dramatic role of Lucas in the film "My Daughter Must Live," which debuted on Lifetime earlier this year.

An original film produced by the Lifetime Movie Network, the film follows a mother in search of a liver donor for her dying daughter, however during her search she discovers her husband is not her daughter’s biological father and so, in an effort to save her daughter’s life she is forced to put her marriage on the line.

In the film James stars alongside Joelle Carter from “Justified,” “The Week,” “Jessabelle,” “Red Wing,” “A Perfect Man,” “Castle,” and Madeleine Martin who is best know for her role as David Duchovny’s daughter Becca Moody in the Golden Globe Award winning series “Californication,” as well for her roles in the films “Legendary,” “The Discoverers,” “Refuge,” and the television shows “Adventure Time,” “Hemlock Grove,” and “Criminal Minds.”

“My Daughter Must Live” was directed by award-winning director John L'Ecuyer who is know for the films “The Good Times Are Killing Me,” “The Ultimate Sin,” “On the Verge of a Fever,” “Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story,” and “Saint Jude,” as well as the television series “Murdoch Mysteries,” “Ready or Not,” “Deep in the City,” “Queer as Folk,” and many more.


Originally from Toronto, Canada James Preston Rogers’ incredible diversity as an actor combined with his impressive 6’6” and 280lb stature has made him one of the most sought after actors for strong and muscular roles. Some of his past films include “Outlander” where he played the role of Bjorn, “You Might as Well Live” where he played Gary, “Defendor” where he played Biker Bob, “A Beginner’s Guide to Endings” where he played Big Mitch, as well as the films “Max Payne,” “Unrivaled,” and “Poker Night.” James has also starred in the hit television shows “Deep South Wrestling,” “Alphas,” “Body Slam,” “King,” “Lost Girl,” “Flashpoint” and many more.

James also recently played the leading role of The Reaper in the film “The Masked Saint,” which debuted at the Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival earlier this year. The film follows a professional wrestler and family man who becomes a pastor while moonlighting as a masked vigilante who fights crime.

James explains, “I played The Reaper, which is the ultimate antagonist, he was a very dark and disturbed character, the complete opposite of how I am in my every day life so it took a lot of soul-searching and digging to be able to create the character for the big screen.”

A feel good film about conflicting identities and the importance of grace, goodness and truth “The Masked Saint” is a film the whole family will enjoy. “It's a feel-good movie that I was very proud to be a part of,” says James. “I left Cinéfest feeling there's hope for humanity yet.”

In the film James stars alongside Brett Granstaff from the films “Once Fallen,” “States of Grace,” “The Deal,” “Streets of Blood,” and “Setup,” and Canadian Comedy Award nominee Lara Jean Chorostecki from “The 19th Wife,” “Antiviral,” “Please Kill Mr. Know It All,” “Charlie & Me,” and the television series “The Listener,” “Republic of Doyle,” “Dan for Mayor” and many more.

“James Preston Rogers was fantastic as The Reaper. He brought a ferocious intensity on camera, as well as extraordinary compassion, patience and an unmatched skill set behind the camera,” explains Warren P. Sonoda, the director of “The Masked Saint.” “His previous experience as a professional wrestler was invaluable to our production as he choreographed all of our full-out wrestling matches and was instrumental in the film's success not only as an action movie, but dramatically with his portrayal as the nemesis in our story. James is a one-of-a-kind talent and I can't wait to work with him again soon!”

James is also slated to play the role of Hercules in the upcoming film “Jason and the Necronauts,” and he is currently working on the films “Love, Guns and Christmas,” and “Pixels,” as well as the television series “Man Seeking Woman.”

James is known for his ability to play villainous roles with ease, something he displayed in the Disney series “Aaron Stone,” where he played the role of Treason. One of Disney’s creative executives, Erik Bjorklund, says, “The episode in which James appears was easily one of our best episodes of ‘Aaron Stone,’ mostly because James portrayed such a dynamic and threatening villain character. As they say, a hero is only as strong as the villain is bad, and James made our protagonist look very, very strong.”

James is also currently in talks with Disney to star in an upcoming series on Disney XD, and while the collaboration is still in its early stages Bjorklund says, “James is a rare find. For our XD series, we audition big guys all the time, but it is very rare to find a big actor like James who also has strong acting chops and great comedic instincts.”

To find out more about James Preston Roger upcoming work check out his IMDb at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2286416/